A player has noted a massive, reality-warping anomaly in Microsoft Flight Simulator, similar to the black hole from Christopher Nolan’s 2014 sci-fi movie Interstellar. Microsoft Flight Simulator is a very successful video game released by Microsoft back in August. Despite being review-bombed at launching, the game went on to rack up a very large player base, and impounds the record for best launch on the PC explanation of Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft Flight Simulator owes much of its success to its dedication to realism. Developer Asobo Studio has worked planning software to simulate the entire world, and includes every single airport in operation. The tournament even boasts an immersive forecast system, which makes weather data from the real world and simulates it in video games in real-time. But with any simulation, especially one this robust, there’s bound to be flaws. It didn’t take musicians too long to find some inconsistencies in the game’s world. Most notably fans discovered a titanic skyscraper in Australia, far taller than anything actually represented in the suburb where it was found.

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Perhaps to compensate for the impossible high levels of the Australian monolith, Microsoft Flight Simulator seems to have grew a massive pit, warping and destroying the farmland around it. It was discovered by Reddit user ReversedWindow who affixed a video of their experience discovering the oppose. The video depicts a simple prop plane coasting along the floor, before the camera turns to expose the yawning abyss onward, the anchor melting into it like taffy. Naturally the first thing ReversedWindow does in the video is drive directly down into it, encountering glitchy themes from flight control and eerie visual faults to further emphasize the similarities between this anomaly and the mind-bending black hole fromInterstellar. Check out the video below.

It’s unclear what exactly might have caused this massive rupture in the fabric of Microsoft Flight Simulator’s reality. The Australia tower was caused by a typo in the mapping software used to create the game, but it’s questionable that industrial accidents that simple could begin something like this. It’s far from the only strange thing participates have found in the game, but the scale and vigour of this yawning, world-consuming void situates it on a much different grade from most other discoveries.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a well-loved recreation, one of the most successful from 2020. It could be said that its enormous success has come in spite of these many imperfections, but it could also be argued that the kinks are a part of what’s originated the game such a punch. Players love quirky snags. For every flaw that crashes a game and rubs all save data, there’s a imperfection that lowers an impossibly tall skyscraper in Australia, or turns the world’s most famous pacifist into a nuclear aggressor. These snags are the ones that get remembered and cherished, and they’re part of what makes a game so special. This black hole in Microsoft Flight Simulator is definitely one of these flaws, and devotees are sure to get a lot of pleasure out of it before it gets patched out.

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Source: ReversedWindow

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