Mickey Rourke and Jennifer Carpenter have been cast in the mysterious horror movie titled She’s Still Here. Rourke, best knows we his work in the films The Pope of Greenwich Village, Rumble Fish, and The Wrestler, has also appeared in a trio of horror movies. The performer previously performed in 1987 ‘s Angel Heart, 1987 ‘s Dead in Tombstone, and 2019 ‘s Nightmare Cinema. He’s been a mainstay of cinema for nearly 50 years, and can take a role to its highest summits when come forward with the privilege information. Rourke’s procreated headlines recently by criticizing Marvel’s Iron Man 2, something he’s been vocal about for a while.

Carpenter’s career doesn’t span as many decades as Rourke’s, but she’s still put together a solid filmography. Gatherings is known to her creation from her role as Debra Morgan in Dexter . She’s are used in a variety of projects, including other Tv pictures, movies, and video games. Like Rourke, she has a history with the horror genre, and now the two are teaming up for a new film.

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According to Deadline, Rourke and Carpenter have signed on to star in She’s Still Here, which will be directed by twins Anthony and James Gaudioso. Production is set to begin this fall. Check out a plot synopsis from Deadline in the room below 😛 TAGEND

She’s Still Here tells the story of a frantic widower who is being tormented by the vengeful intent of his deceased spouse. Exasperated, he procures the aide of his ghost-hunting nephew to deduce the haunting’s meaning and introducing armistice to his household.

Carpenter is a familiar face in the repugnance and mysterious category. She performed as a potentially possessed woman in 2005 ‘s The Exorcism of Emily Rose. She also appeared in the 2014 frightener The Devil’s Hand and 2008 ‘s Quarantine. While little is known about the character she’ll play, Carpenter’s ability to give standout acts and lay important attribute cornerstone will likely stand up powerfully alongside the abilities of the acting superstar.

The plot of the mysterious thriller She’s Still Here will no doubt whet the stomach of fans of both performers, who are well-known for immersing themselves deeply into their pictures of whatever personas they take on. Rourke, who is slated to join the cast of Peacock’s MacGruber with Sam Elliott and Laurence Fishburne, will get to show a dark slope in the upcoming thriller. But, as in his previous movies, he is very likely to pepper that with boyish playfulness, like the glad, pernicious savage movie fans have come to expect. Carpenter will bring him down to earth as the object of his ire, a dead partner who wants good-for-nothing other than to get under his skin.

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Source: Deadline

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