I went to grade school, high school and college, graduated medical clas in 1982, finished my residency and opened my private practice in 1985, all inside the city limits of Chicago, Illinois. I then moved to the suburbs and been set up my private practice in 1985. And, in the decades that followed, I had the privilege of treating well over 20,000 patients.

Alongside medicine, I’ve ever had a passion for engineering, which led to the launch of this website in 1997. These daylights, my day is dedicated to research and sharing my findings with you. Through the years, we’ve reached millions of parties through this locate, which has grown exponentially over the past two decades.

Your Optimal Health Is My Goal and Mission

While the inspect and feel of this website has morphed through the years, my goal for its existence has never altered. My goal has always been to provide you with all indications you need to take control of your state — free of charge! I am so happy to have the ability to interview world-leading professionals, which now number in the hundreds — learning with you along the way.

We have also built the world’s best natural health website for your pets — HealthyPets.Mercola.com — led by Dr. Karen Becker, a whole-spectrum holistic veterinarian, to help you optimize your pet’s health as well.

In the mini-documentary above, originally published in 2015, I discuss my own jaunt toward health, which ultimately contributed me to my present-day ideologies and recommendations. Experience is a impressive professor, and much of what I’m teaching today has grown out of the lessons I learned as I try our best to get healthier. I drew plenty of mistakes, and fell for many of the lies, subterfuges and fluster of conventional medicine.

The video was a big hit at the time, and since we’ve had a significant influx of new customers in recent times, I’m rerunning it for those who missed it. I’ve merely informed the preface, to show off our brand-new Mercola Market and Cafe in Cape Coral, Florida, on the bottom floor of our company headquarters.

Aside from requiring free state information, I am also passionate about obliging the highest quality products I can, and plying our clients with top-notch customer service, whether you’re shopping online or in person in our Cape Coral brick and mortar store.

It’s unlikely you were reading this website 24 several years ago, so you probably don’t remember the very first product I created to help fund our assignment and that of our nonprofit partners. It was a cookbook called “Just What the Doctor Ordered.”

This was the ketogenic cookbook before keto even existed. We’ve come a long way since then, and now have a full route of augments, meat, cups, aura and liquid filters, and even a line of organic clothing and bunking certified at the very highest regenerative standards.

Mistakes Are Learning( and Teaching) Opportunities

Like so many others, I grew up ingesting spate of junk food, including cereal for breakfast, and I perfectly felt margarine was healthful. My diet was high in carbs and carbohydrates and low-spirited in fatty, and there’s little doubt this played a significant role in dental decomposition, which I struggled with throughout a large portion of my life.

By the time I was an adult, I had a mouth full of amalgam crowds. Eventually, I detected the truth about amalgam — that it’s actually 50% mercury — and in 2009 I approached Charlie Brown( president of the Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry) at a Health Freedom Expo in Chicago. At that happen, I offered to partner with him to raise awareness about mercury in dentistry and to help get this toxin out of dentistry for good.

It’s been a highly successful partnership, and October 10, 2013, a legally binding international treaty to control the use of this toxic metal was signed into action, thanks predominantly to the work of the Campaign for Mercury-Free Dentistry, development projects organised and to be provided by Brown.

Health Liberty Is More Important Than Ever

Since then, I’ve partnered with a number of select health and research organizations that are true health proposes and educators, including GrassrootsHealth, Fluoride Action Network( FAN ), the National Vaccine Information Center( NVIC ), the Institute for Responsible Technology( IRT) and the Organic Consumers Association( OCA ).

Together, we’ve organized a nonprofit organization known as Health Liberty, dedicated to improving fundamental education to all on important health, meat and remedy the security and informed consent issues.

The importance of these issues has truly been driven home over the past 17 months, as information about nutrition to support healthful immune serve has been quelled, COVID-1 9 medications ought to have censored, and informed consent to medical experimentation has is entirely tossed out the window.

Nutrition as Medicine

Conventional medicine is excellent at diagnosing infection, but it fails miserably when it comes to treatment approachings. It frequently focuses on treating the indications , not the seed lawsuit, and it done likewise applying poison stimulants that frequently start problems that are more dangerous than the original complaint.

The discovery of nutrition as a procedure of healing was nothing short of revolutionary for me. It truly opened my hearts and gave me a whole different perspective on health and healing.

I began rubbing the medical and arrange literature on nutrition, and started attending discussions on alternative healing modalities, frequently every month, to acquire the knowledge and skills to help people heal.

I would then apply what I’d learned in my medical pattern and get prodigious solutions — so much so I finally reached the point where I said, “This stuff actually operates! ” and with that, I made a commitment to practice medicine without drugs.

When I apprise my patients of this new direction, 70% of them left. They were unwilling to quit exercising the remedies they were on and to address their health problems with nutrition and other lifestyle changes.

This turned out to be a blessing, as individual patients I had left certainly wanted to get better and were willing to do the manipulate. Eventually, parole spread about their healing success, and over its first year I resolved up discussing cases from all over the world.

Blazing Trails and Staying Ahead of the Curve

Over the past 24 times, I’ve often been among the first in the media to communicate commonsense strategies of healing and staying well naturally to the wider audience. The truth is your body has an innate ability to heal. It is designed to move toward health and away from disease, rendered you give it the basic support it needs in terms of nutrition, physical move, revelation to sunlight and myriad other natural state strategies.

For example, I began talking about the importance of vitamin D for state beyond rickets back in 2000, and have warned people about the adverse effects of shunning sun exposure for over 21 years.

Thankfully, the medical literature has now firmly established that vitamin D is essential for state. Vitamin D flaw plays a role in dozens of chronic diseases, and appears to be foundational when it comes to acute respiratory infections too.

October 31, 2020, I published a vitamin D review1 designation “Evidence Regarding Vitamin D and Risk of COVID-1 9 and Its Severity” in the gazette Nutrients. The newspaper was co-written with William Grant, Ph.D ., and Dr. Carol Wagner, both of whom are part of the GrassrootsHealth professional vitamin D panel.

I also addressed the importance of vitamin D for healthful immune are working in my live proposal at the Mid-Cape Summerfest and Mercola Market initiation, August 7, 2021( video below ).

In fact, my passion for vitamin D is such that I is not simply moved my own residency but the entire firm from Illinois to Florida several years ago. I now take a long go on the sea every day, wearing nothing but suddenlies and a hat, and have not needed to take a vitamin D complement in years.

Early Warnings Issued — Years in Advance

While pharma-funded mainstream media like to vilify me, and have done so for years, I have a solid track record of eventually being proven chastise. In 2006, I began alerting about the artificial sweetener aspartame, persuasion it was one of the most dangerous supplements in the food supply.

Since then, the medical literature has become filled with studies illustrating its harmful effects. Not only do artificial sweeteners actually promote obesity, they too deteriorate diabetes, and it’s fraught with side effects. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has received more state accusations stemming from aspartame than all other artificial additive combined.

I was also among the first to issue a stern warning against Vioxx. In 1999 I disclosed a study that depicted parties taking this stimulant are currently under massively increased risk of dying from heart disease and stroke, and I published the information collected in my newsletter.

I actually issued the first public inform about Vioxx while it was still in clinical experiments — a year before it became available by drug. I foresaw Vioxx would be drew from world markets formerly the increased cardiac extinctions were finally recognizable and, really, that’s exactly what happened — but not before more than 60,000 beings had died from taking the blockbuster drug.

Time will tell how true that description is. I for one am not annoyed. I believe in time the true disinformation negotiators is likely to be divulged for what they are.

Take Control of Your Health, for Life!

I would encourage anyone who feels skeptical to really evaluate the evidence and kept some of my health lifestyle principles to the test, because the ultimate proof for most people is their own experience. It either succeeds or it doesn’t. You feel better and get healthier, or you don’t.

My mantra is “Take Control of Your Health, ” and my goal is to teach you how to get off the merry-go-round of drugs, which typically treat only the symptoms while actually deteriorating your health.

Drugs can also be lethal, and even when properly prescribed and administered they kill hundreds of thousands of people each year. My message is: There are safer, less expensive alternatives that can truly address the root cause of your sicknes. Inevitably, rehabilitating state and plowing disease involves addressing your food, exert and other lifestyle parts, the majority of members of which penalty little or nothing.

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