Warning: Such articles contains spoilers for Men in Kilts, Episode 8, “Culloden: Scotland’s Most Infamous Battle.”

Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish’s epic street outing across Scotland came to a finish at the Battle of Culloden in the Men in Kilts season finale. Well not the actual battle, though they do re-enact it and run with swords. Outlander first showed how this infamous battle destroyed Scotland and too Jamie and Claire Fraser( Caitriona Balfe ). Broken hearts and dead forms … ah, Outlander. “It’s all been leading to this moment, ” Graham says to Sam as they foreman to the Culloden battlefield. They make us on one last trip-up, for now, to end the first season of Men in Kilts. And though they did sometimes wear breathes, they helped us all vicariously travel with them and retain the tartans.

The show was a love letter to Scotland — and to whisky and almost offing Graham McTavish every single episode. Seems Sam demanded Graham’s run on this picture to resolve the channel his attribute Dougal’s did on Outlander.( Claire and Jamie killed him, like actually killed him ). Good thing there wasn’t a Claire in this episode.( But there was a Catriona and Caitriona Balfe represents Claire … uh oh ). Run Graham.

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Debate of Culloden

As Sam and Graham intelligence to the Culloden battlefield, they impart us a immediate record exercise about what went down in the spring of 1746. Sam and Graham’s Culloden journey started in 2013 when they came thrown on Outlander. This history-changing battle pitted the Jacobites against the British Army and reformed Scotland forever. It was depicted in Outlander and was the reason Claire and Jamie were separated for 20 times.( That and generator Diana Gabaldon wrote just the way it is. Epic and gutting move ). As they reel toward the battlefield in their swanky van, I can’t help but wonder( put Carrie Bradshaw voice ), who uses the stove at the back of the camper van? I’ve propped this issue in for 8 bouts — why is it there?

Outlander - Season 3- Episode 301

Tobias Menzies and Sam Heughan

Their first stop is a meeting with historian Alistair Moffat, who breaks down everything that went down and very wrong at Culloden for Scotland. The engagement took place on April 16, 1746 — approximately 274 years ago to the appointment of this escapade airing. In Outlander, it was also the working day Blackjack Randall( Tobias Menzies) died, Jamie roughly died, and Claire emotionally died — she thoughts back to the future through the stones, pregnant and widowed( or so she contemplated ). Still sad. Even 200 plus year later. Knocked Up and Widowed: the Claire Fraser Story.

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The death of Scottish culture

Alistair explains how the British swiftly trounced the Jacobites, and eventually it distinguished the death of Scotland in many ways. When the British triumphed, Highland culture died. Speaking Gaelic and wearing tartans were proscribed, and Scotland was forever modified. Alistair delves into the Highland legions and says it was made up of households. And we get a series of Outlander flashbacks with Jamie yielding a Ted talk to all of his soldiers prior to battle. “Hey chaps, my spouse from the future says we’re gonna die, but let’s try not to. Cool? Cool.” There was also something called a “fiadhaich, ” the Gaelic word for “rage fit.” Graham’s character had a lot of those and they flashback to Dougal screaming topless at the soldiers to motivate them before the Prestonpans battle. That’s how I cause parties more. In Outlander, Graham’s character never saw it to Culloden because Claire and Jamie get him firstly. Claire granted Jamie that extra approach( literally) he needed to end his uncle. Before heading out to their next stop, Sam, Graham, and Alistair take a moment to reflect on the holocaust of Highlanders that Culloden brought on. On Outlander, Jamie Fraser is one of the few to survive the battle and just barely.

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Sam and Graham and a bunch of swords

“On to sharp objects, ” Sam exclaims. Then they meet up with Outlander’s combat expert, Charles Allan. He, Finn Allan, and Graeme Carlyle are combat reenactment experts. They indicate Sam and Graham how to use all the swords that were used at Culloden. They start off with course swords then rapidly advance to ax-like weapons that probably were used for easy beheadings. Sam and Graham learn a sword programme that Sam experiences more than anyone. Honestly, this could be a modern-day workout class — sword dancing. Seems like it would be fun, until you slipped, sliced your limb off and died. So maybe not fun.

Sam Heughan’s favorite representation from Outlander’s Culloden

Sam and Graham next meet up with the Outlander armorers Jim Elliot and Iain Bowden. They reminisce about when Jim dedicated them all their firstly swords on Outlander. Awww, this is like the Harry Potter sorting hat place except with swords. They likewise get dirks, which are knives. In Season 1, Dougal and the Highlanders learn Claire how to use a dirk — which comes in pretty handy to save her and Jamie. Lucky for them, but not for Dougal. Murder She Wrote: The Claire and Dougal Story. Teach someone how to dirk, and you’ll get dirked, Dougal. Dougal got dirked. Dirked bad.

Sam lights back to his personal favorite dirk scene from Outlander, where Jamie and Claire kill Dougal. The only thing better than Sam joyously figment about the stage is Graham looking at him with condescension while he does. What’s a little fake murder amongst friends?

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Jamie Fraser and the Battle of Culloden

Sam and Graham lastly tread on the Culloden battlefield and meet up with historian Catriona McIntosh.( Okay this is confusing, every episode now truly includes a Claire or a Catriona ). Catriona( not Balfe) asks to them that 1,500 adults died in the battle. And by somebodies, that included children older and younger as 13. Outlander imaged this when they registered Claire and Jamie’s chose young lad Fergus( Romann Berrux) title into the Prestonpans battle with Jamie.( Even though his parents precisely told him he couldn’t extend. Kids ).

Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Duncan Lacroix and Romann Berrux

Sam invites, “Did Jamie Fraser fight in this battle? ” And Graham replies, “It’s a fictional character.” Oh no. Here we go again. Catriona approves there were indeed 5 James Frasers but none of them were the notorious JAMMF — James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser. The reenactment of Culloden begins and starts with the bagpipers. They flashback to an Outlander scene with Jamie and Bonny Prince “Mark Me” Charlie discussing what to do in the battle.( Not very good age for a conversation, guys ). Sam and Graham decide to do the Culloden run — the ill-fated 300 -yard run with swords just like their ancestors did. And who acquired? Well, the British did, but too Sam as he reminded Graham in their IG live prior to the finale.

As they run in slow motion, it chips to the Outlander Culloden battle scene. This is actually a fairly psychological and sad moment. Iain MacGillvray represents a song, “Lochbar No More, ” on the bagpipes that was composed in the aftermath of Culloden. Just to tell you how sad Outlander is, watching its depiction of Culloden is even sadder than this.

Graham McTavish and Sam Heughan


The final incident is at a bar where Sam and Graham are sharing a dram of whisky and toasting the end of their first season. Sam finally imparts Graham a bottle of Sassenach, but then immediately boozes it. Here’s to Scotland, Sam, Graham, and of course, Sassenach.

Lover in Kilts season 2

So will there be a second season of Men in Kilts? In a recent interrogation, when asked whether they’d want to do more seasons, Sam talked about how Scottish culture had reached countless locates, including India. Hmmmm … Men in Saris. I can see it. Sam hinted that he has some report coming soon and that he was developing a television show. Perhaps a season 2 proclamation, or a different activity wholly? Their Outlander co-star Steven Cree warmly trolled their IG live. He wrote, “I’d love to see you guys out of kilts.” And what did Sam and Graham do upon meet Steven in the comments? They discounted him and culminated their live. Ahh, relationship. Maybe season 2 will have Steven join forces for the purposes of an episode.

What Outlander and Men in Kilts have done for Scotland

From the time they were cast in Outlander, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe have employed their programmes to raise up various charities and social lawsuits, including World Child Cancer and My Peak Challenge. They’ve even aroused supporters to start their own charity drives in their honor. Caitriona’s fans embed a woodland of more than 50, 000 trees for her birthday, and groupings of love recently started the Supernova scholarship fund at the school Sam studied at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland to provide financial support for incoming students.

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Droughtlander begins again and Outlander Season 6

And so another Droughtlander begins. But fret not, there are plenty of ways you can undrought yourself. First off, the best way to travel is to binge the whole season of Men in Kilts all over again. Eight episodes filled with Scotland, whisky, dancing, Outlander’s most iconic points, and of course Sam trying to gently murder Graham.

If you feel like crying while experiencing Scotland, binge Outlander. There are five seasons’ importance to catch up on. If you simply crave the travel without the theatre, then Men in Kilts is for you, which, by the way, you get a fun quantity of Outlander flashbacks in every bout. So win-win. Need more? Diana Gabaldon has written eight Outlander notebooks with millions of pages of Jamie and Claire and love and poverty. And she just finished the ninth diary in the streak. Sam and Graham’s book, Clandlands, is a great way to keep the road trip going, plus they recorded the audiobook so it will be like you’re in their little camper van with an inexplicable stave wheeling across Scotland.

And eventually, they are only announced the official Outlander podcast, where manager creator Matthew B. Roberts will be chit-chat with fellow producers and cast as they film Season 6. See, they’re not going to leave you high and dry and droughty and pouty.

Men in Kilts was indeed a love letter to Scotland, and more so a delicious documentary on relationship and how to bother someone in every single location possible. And we hope there will be more to come, these kilts can’t be done yet.

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