In a post-apocalyptic future, Marvel’s Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord pinpoints Peter Quill( Timothy Busfield) and Rocket( Chris Elliott) a bit paunchier, a little slower, and a lot saltier than they were during the glory daytimes of the Trustee of the Galaxy. They quickly discover the Earth isn’t what it used to be either, when they crash land 30 times after all the world’s super scoundrels hijacked control.

The onetime Keeper are accompanied by a Rigellian Recorder, affectionately dubbed “Cora”, who certificates their mission to find the Black Vortex–an ancient relic reported to yield cosmic powers–before guillotine collars granted upon them by The Collector snap their cervixes. In the barren, desolate barren of the mid-west as controlled by Doctor Doom, they encounter the ageless telepath, Emma Frost, outlaw Ghost Riders, and the bloodthirsty Kraven the Hunter. Who knows where to find the Black Vortex firstly and what will be the price of its strength?

Written by Benjamin Percy( Wolverine: The Long Night, Wolverine: The Lost Trail ), directed by Kimberly Senior( Disgraced ), and sound designed with original scoring by Mark Henry Phillips( Homecoming, Passenger List ). Learn more at https :// wastelanders

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