Earth’s Mightiest Show is presented by Marvel Future Fight, available to download free on the App Store or Google Play. This week our legions, Lorraine Cink and Langston Belton, breakdown the brand-new “War of the Realms” epic comic book event with the help of Ryan Penagos( This Week in Marvel, Marvel’s The Pull List ).

Don’t know the Asgardian house? Don’t you upset- we have a full explainer of all the family drama! Then writer Greg Pak, stops by to talk about his new four problem comic book line “War of the Realms: New Negotiators of Atlas” as our superstars try to protect the Asian continent! Can you spell Svartalfheim- the realm of the Light Elves? Niffleheim- the realm of the dwarves? Langston heads to Midtown Comics in Times Square for a War of the Realms Spelling Bee with our own Marvel love!

Combat of the Realms Reading List:

Original Sin: https :// comics/ happenings/ 319/ original_sin

Thor# 1( 2014 ): https :// comics/ publish/ 50970

Mighty Thor# 1( 2015 ): https :// comics/ problem/ 55786/ mighty_thor_2 015 _1

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