During the week — especially after a long day of exertion — we’re typically not too squeamish when it comes to what we’ll be eating for dinner. The easier it is to prepare, the better for us. But when the weekend “il be back soon”, we’re frequently willing to put in a bit more effort if it conveys having a soul-satisfying meal. And Martha Stewart exactly shared a hearty cooked chicken recipe on Instagram you’ll clearly be wanting to try for Sunday night dinner with your loved ones. Best of all, it only necessitates one flowerpot to move, which means your clean-up will be the easy process we love.

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” This simple one-pan dinner of cooked chicken, shallots, and cherry-red tomatoes gets a French upgrade with a splashing of Pernod, an anise-flavored liqueur ,” Stewart began her IG caption, she lent:” The combination originates a saucy, fragrant entree that’s perfect for perform over pasta or polenta .” TBH, we’re willing to bet that the chicken roast is just as incredible as the submission of Stewart’s meal looks.

The chef’s recipe compress a ton of flavor with the chicken thighs, Pernod, fennel seeds, and fresh basil leaves. Sunday lights are our cope to decompress before we pate back to work the following day, and this savory meal is the comfort food we all deserve.

And once you’re done revel Stewart’s recipe, you’ll be more than happy to only have one pot to laundry, leaving you with the rest of the darknes to sit back and relax.

Get Martha Stewart’s Easy Chicken Thighs with Cherry Tomatoes and Pernod recipe.

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