Margot Robbie Says There's a '20-Hour Cut' of One of Her Fan-Favorite Movies

Margot Robbie is opening up regarding the possibility of attending lengthened the reduction of her movies and she revealed that one of her fan-favorite movies actually has a 20 -hour cut.

The question came up while discussing the Snyder cut of Justice League in a brand-new interrogation with Variety. Margot was asked if she knows about an Ayer trimmed of her movie Suicide Squad and she jokingly reacted, “for personal reasons, I’d love to watch the five-hour trimmed of every movie I’ve ever done.”

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Margot then added, “There’s a 20 -hour cut of Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood that would…there’s so much more that you didn’t get to see, that we shot that was amazing, and for hundreds of thousands of intellects plainly, can’t make the cut. Not to the best of my knowledge, there is not a David Ayer trimmed that is in the works or going to be released.”

The interview was conducted to promote Margot’s Oscar-nominated movie Promising Young Woman, which she developed, and the film’s writer and conductor Emerald Fennell discussed an extended trimmed of their movie.

“I love the idea, ” she said. “Honestly, we worked every second of footage we had. We shot the film in 23 daylights and were moving sites often a few times a day. The dream of having excess footage that could go into my improbably mega maniacal cut.”

Watch Margot in the trailer for the upcoming The Suicide Squad reboot!

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