In 2004 a movie was formed that you never consider. All the hell is about to change!

The story of Suicide Trip is a strange one. Written by James Hausler at 19 and targeted when he was 22, Suicide Trip “is an age-laced perspective rarely seen in cinema. Following three overstated archetypes–riffing high school films–it is and was something of an ODD-yssey that never relatively find a residence. It is a floor about a millennial contemporary growing up in early 2000 ”.

Now, Beat Pirate Films is extricating Suicide Trip from oblivion with a re-release and remaster that’s now available On Demand. You can check out the trailer embedded at the top of the section and predict the synopsis below.

Synopsis: The three major personas embark on a ridiculous, conflict spattered hallucinogenic passage through high school, parties, and atrocity. Told from the perspective of each, the floor takes you through their eyes and skates the edges of what is real and what is not. Suicide Trip introduced the Z in CRAY 15 decades ago but was never absolutely secreted until now. It’s back, remastered, refined, and ready to night civilize you to WTFsville.

Hausler describes Suicide Trip as existing “somewhere between dream and fantasy.” The movie star Michael Mandell, Christopher M. Clark, and Eco Lopez.

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