Lizzo shares a brand-new TikTok video joking that she’s pregnant with Captain America actor Chris Evans’ child, dubbing him “Little America.” Chris Evans started his near-decade-long run as Steve Rogers in 2011 ’s Captain America: The First Avenger and went on to become one of the MCU’s most unmistakable faces. His most recent appearance came in 2019 ‘s Avengers: Endgame which, during its final minutes, watched Old Steve Rogers pass his iconic vibranium shield onto Sam Wilson( Anthony Mackie ), effectively enshrining him as the Captain America of the future.

Evans has been linked to Lizzo ever since the pa stellar first admitted her cherish for the Captain America stellar last-place April. In a TikTok, the vocalist whose real identify is Melissa Viviane Jefferson, divulged a screenshot of a drunken run send she sent to Evans, captioned “Don’t drink and DM.” The plot then thickened as Evans playfully is in response to Lizzo. Other than being known as a chart-topping singer for her 2019 recording, Cuz I Love You, which started her a household name, Lizzo offset her feature film debut in the critically acclaimed Hustlers alongside Jennifer Lopez.

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Although, Lizzo is not done obsessing over America’s Golden Boy. In response to a comment teasing her for being pregnant with Chris Evans’ baby, the singer began a recent Tiktok saying, “This is something I’ve really been trying to keep personal and private.” Lizzo then backs away from the camera to uncover her midsection, saying “I’ve been sucking in. We’re gonna have a little America! ” Lizzo even computed a move from the Captain America: First Avenger composition to accompany her faux-announcement.

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Considering that Evans responded to Lizzo the last time she exclaimed him out on TikTok, it will be interesting to see if he has anything to say about this one. There were some reports earlier this year that Evans was in talks to return to his MCU role, but Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige, last-minute discredited these rumors. Even though his run as Captain America is likely over, he will always be Cap in the hearts and subconscious of numerous fans.

While Evans may not actually be the papa of Lizzo’s child, he has plenty of provoking projects lined up post-Captain America. One of them, The Gray Man, will reunite him with Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo. With a reported budget of over $200 million, the movie has the potential to be Netflix’s biggest of all time and land Evans another franchise capacity for the next decade. But for some followers, the Lizzo-Evans saga is of greater interest.

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