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Lil Wayne had plenty of reasons to celebrate last-place darknes: Not merely is today his 36th birthday, but his long-awaited album, Tha Carter V, is eventually out now via his own Young Money Records — and he’s get all of the profits instead of Birdman. That is, he’s going all of the profits not held to the splits from features and creation credits, which feature a low-key who’s-who of hip-hop royalty.

While the honour that are able to attract the most attention is XXXTentacion, the late, controversial Floridan rapper who was accused of domestic assault hitherto stringently beloved by young fans who discovered his music through Soundcloud, the album’s true breakout appears to have been Taylor Gang’s Sosamann, who arrives his first big-name co-sign with a credit on” What About Me .”

Meanwhile, normal Young Money supposes Nicki Minaj and Mack Maine stop through on” Dark Side Of The Moon” and” Start This Sh* t Off Right Again ,” but there’s unfortunately no ratify of Drake, who made appearances on Wayne’s Dedication 4. Snoop Dogg, Travis Scott, and Kendrick Lamar round out the big-name guest rap virtuosoes, but there are plenty of R& B legends of yesteryear listed on the 23 -track project, including Ashanti and Nivea. Nonetheless, the feature that may be most meaningful for Lil Wayne is the one on “Famous” — his now-1 9-year-old daughter, Reginae Carter.

While many of the listed makes may be a bit under-the-radar, Wayne still fetches in slew of heavy hitters, namely Ben Billions, DJ Frank E, Metro Boomin, Sevn Thomas, and Swizz Beatz, but longtime supporters will probably be most excited about the return of the chemistry between Wayne and Cash Money’s original gilded defeat producer, Mannie Fresh. Check out the full credits below.

Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V Production Credits

1.” I Adoration You Dwayne” 2.” Don’t Cry” accomplishment. XXXTentacion( Induced by Z3n and Ben Billions) 3. “Dedicate”( Created by Roc& Mayne, Louie Haze and Manny Galvez) 4. “Uproar”( Developed by Swizz Beatz and Avenue) 5.” Tell It Fly” achievement. Travis Scott( Caused by Sevn Thomas and Dirtwork) 6. “Can’t Be Broken”( Grown by Thomas Troelsen and Ben Billions) 7.” Dark Side Of The Moon” stunt. Nicki Minaj( Rendered by Bloque and Jonah Christian) 8.” Mona Lisa” accomplishment. Kendrick Lamar( Made by Infamous and Angel ” Onhel ” Aponte) 9.” What About Me” achievement. Sosamann( Rendered by DJ Frank E and Johnny Yukon) 10. “Open Letter”( Developed by Johnny Yukon and DJ Frank E) 11. “Famous” achievement. Reginae Carter( Created by Lasanna “Ace” Harris and Sham” Sak Pase” Joseph) 12. “Problems”( Made by Zaytoven) 13.” Dope N **** z” undertaking. Snoop Dogg( Displayed by Kamo and R! o) 14. “Hittas”( Displayed by Jayones) 15.” Took His Time”( Raised by FreewayTJay) 16. “Open Safe”( Raised by Mikely” Mike Free” Adam) 17.” Start This S ** t Off Right” achievement. Ashanti and Mack Maine( Developed by Mannie Fresh) 18. “Demon”( Made by 808 -Ray and Cool& Dre) 19. “Mess”( Rendered by Infamous) 20.” Dope New Gospel” accomplishment. Nivea( Made by R! o and Kamo) 21. “Perfect Strangers”( Rendered by Mannie Fresh) 22.” Exploited 2″( Raised by Metro Boomin and Prince 85) 23.” Cause It All Work out”( Displayed by Reefa, Jordan and Myles William)

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