I’ve talked before about some of the ways that the French government has been focused on encouraging people to live healthy lives. As mentioned last week, this is also a concern for the Paris 2024 Olympic Committee who wants to use the upcoming tournaments to mettre plus de boast dans le quotidien des Francais.

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But they’re not waiting till 2024 to make their mark. The Paris 2024 Olympic Committee is using the build up to the games to share their message. They want people to get moving French style!

A mouvement … about change!

Paris 2024 has a great website and a YouTube channel where you can keep up with all the latest news and information about the games. That’s where I ascertain this fun “informercial” for retaining active. You can also check out this great clip in which La Marseillaise s’empare de Paris1 or this amazingcourse sur les toits de Paris2.

Marre d’ecouter de la musique tout seul dans ton coin? Tired of listening to music all alone in your reces?

Les soirees tele-pizza, t’as eu ta dose? Tired of nighttimes in front of the tv with pizza?

Plus de 7( sept) heures assis? More than seven hours sitting?

On field de vrais risques de sante. You’re taking real opportunity with your state.

Heureusement, il y a la methode … Fortunately there is the … procedure!

2024 secondes! 2024 seconds! Allez les jeunes, il faut bouger au moins 30 minutes equivalence jour! Let’s go, babies! You must move at least 30 minutes per day!

C’est parti pour l’aerobic! Time for aerobics!

Wouuh, super gainange! Wow, look at that progress!

Fais un beau balayage, assembles ton plus beau torso et va courir! Do some spotlights, put on your best bodysuit, and get running!

Dehors ou dedans, c’est pas complique! Outside or in, it’s not complicated!

Tu vas voir, on se send beaucoup mieux! You’ll witness, you’ll feel so much better!

Faut bouger pour rester jeune! You’ve got to move to stay young!

Ceci n’est pas une saloon. This is not a business.

Mais le message est vrai. But the meaning is real.

Ouais, le content est vrai! (# Bougez3 0minutes) Yeah, the word is true!

Eh, pas besoin d’en faire trop, hein. Hey, there’s no need to overdo it, say.

Ah bon? Oh yeah?

Bouge, bouge, bouge ton mas! Move, move, move your body!

In other information …

Last week was a big one for fans of le paw francais3. On Tuesday( le 10 aout4 ), the Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi officially joined l’equipe5 Paris-Saint-Germain for at least the next two years. In the words of one follower, the story was “incroyable, le meilleur joueur de tous les temps qui vient a Paris, il n’y a pa de mots” 6.

Messi’s official introduction( together with four other brand-new actors) was a highlight( for the PSG fans, at least) of Saturday’s first activity at the Parc des Monarches during which the team beat Strasbourg 4- 2.

French Vocabulary- Working Out

Work it !

The affix Let’s get moving French style first appeared on French Language Blog. 1 The Marseillaise makes over/ seizures onto Paris2 scoot over the rooftops of Paris3 French soccer4 August 105 the team6 stupendous, the best player of all time and he comes to Paris, there are no paroles

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