LensCoat has unveiled three Shoulder Protection Produce: the LegPad, LegCushion, and LegWrap Pro. They’re designed for outdoor photographers who spend a significant sum of meter marching with ponderous tripods on their shoulders.


The LegPad is a shoulder pad to be applied for carrying tripods while the legs are closed. The 1.25 -inch-thick( 3.175 cm) shock-absorbing pad sets between your tripod and your shoulder and acquires carrying it more cozy. Uttered of a thick-witted sud wrap in a spongy soft neoprene shell, the LegPad is water resistant and easily appends with Velcro-brand hook-and-loop fastenings, biding on your tripod even after you open the legs.


The LegCushion is also designed for carrying tripods with the legs open. The cushions sit on the inward-facing backs of the leg near the brain and are fastened with Velcro fasteners. They stay attached even when you are close the tripod legs.

LegWrap Pro

The LegWrap Pro features spongy soft neoprene wrappings that circumvent the upper part of the legs on your tripod. There’s also a shoulder pad that attaches to the sewn-in Velcro fixings for carrying your tripod with the legs open.


The LegPad, LegCushion, LegWrap Pro are accessible now in different lookings with price tag of $30,

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