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Former U.S. Cavalry Col. William Ludlow( Anthony Hopkins) presides over his ranch in the foothills of the Montana Rockies, where he seeks to raise his three lads far away from the madness of his times. Alfred( Aidan Quinn ), the eldest, is dutiful and reserved but has a will of his own; Samuel( Henry Thomas ), the beloved youngest brother, is the epitome of turn-of-the-century idealism; and midriff brother Tristan( Brad Pitt) is a wild, untamable spirit. Samuel’s arrival from college discards their own families into turmoil–both his brothers fall in love with his new fiancee( Julia Ormond) –until the outbreak of The first world war upends their lives. Through the fright of that war, then residence to Montana and a nature turned modern overnight, the brothers’ tale is a story writ huge, of cherish and loss, betrayal and hope.

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