Ruined King

Riot Games announced here today Ruined King, a brand-new RPG spin-off of its popular MOBA game League Of Legends.

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The game is being developed by Airship Syndicate, best known for Darksiders: Genesis, in partnership with Riot Games’ Riot Forge initiative, which countenances third-party developers to work on plays applying the League of Legend IP.

Riot Forge has also exhausted a teaser trailer which situates the time for the upcoming single-player RPG. Ruined King: A League Of Legends Story is currently set to launch in early 2021 on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC. The sport will be released on PS5 and Xbox Series X and Series S shortly after, with current-gen players being entitled to free next-gen upgrades.

Check out the teaser below.

According to the official Ruined King website, the game will be a narrative-driven experience that will be “centered around the unlikely partnership between some familiar faces as they taken together for the benefit of all Runeterra”.

The website also confirms that the game will feature various League Of Legends supporters, including Miss Fortune, Illaoi, Pyke, Yasuo, Ahri and Braum. Ruined King will mark the League Of Legends franchise’s firstly foray onto consoles.

Ruined King: A League Of Legends Story will be the third largest League Of Legend spin-off to be released within two years, following collectible poster competition Legends Of Runeterraand portable sport Wild Rift, which is currently in open beta across adopt spheres. Wild Rift is scheduled to launch worldwide in Spring 2021.

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