Jared Leto is returning to the DCEU as the villainous Joker for Zack Snyder’s Justice League thanks to reshoots, but there’s some puzzle over his exact its participation in the new activity. The actor hasn’t been seen in Warner Bros.’ DC cinematic nature since 2016 where he first debuted his copy of Batman’s archenemy in Suicide Squad. Throughout the David Ayer-directed film, fans got to follow Joker and his relationship with Harley Quinn. After his first appearance, it looked like Leto’s take on the Clown Prince of Crime was going to continue on a bigger scale. Warner Bros. was initially developing not only a movie for him and Harley but also a solo Joker movie.

But as the DCEU shifted after 2017 ’s Justice League, so did the plans for Leto’s Joker. Instead, Joaquin Phoenix performed in the Elseworlds film Joker which made him an Academy Award for Best Actor. While Margot Robbie reprised the role of Harley in Birds of Prey, its relation with the Joker was terminated after he broke up with her, off-screen. While it seemed like Leto was done with the DCEU, given that he’s playing Michael Morbius in Sony Pictures’ upcoming Morbius, it appears that Snyder has plans for him in his 4-hour chipped that is hitting HBO Max next year.

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Leto is reportedly taking part in the ongoing make that will add to Snyder’s true-blue eyesight of Justice League. Besides not knowing how large or small his existence will be, what is Joker’s role in the Snyder Cut? The 4-hour trimmed is arriving at some time in 2021 with no specific date currently adjusted. Until the next trailer puts or if Snyder chooses to tease Joker’s role through social media, it’ll be a while until fans know what Leto is doing in the film. However, based on Joker’s Knightmare Easter egg, there are a few potential roles that he may play in the Snyder Cut.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice contributed peeks of Snyder’s Knightmare timeline where Bruce Wayne is visualized conducting a resistance pressure against Superman’s Regime. It’s currently unknown what has happened to other DC reputations that have appeared in the DCEU in this future. However, a major evidence that is given for The Joker is that his signature Joker card is received on Batman’s rifle. Given their long biography as arch-rivals, there would be very few cases in which Batman would ever, consciously, carry a weapon that has anything to do with The Joker. But in this apocalyptic future, it’d not be out of the question for the Dark Knight to work together with the laughing super-villain.

It’s possible that at some detail in this timeline, heroes and villains had to put aside their differences to come together against a shared menace. If person like Superman turns on the world countries, it would make sense for Batman to have to rely on people like The Joker. Although given how much of a wild card Joker is, it wouldn’t be outraging if their faithfulnes was extremely complicated. But person as insane as Joker would probably realize that he can’t cause chaos in the world if there’s no world to live in. That’s why it’s possible that Justice League could feature Batman and Joker on the same side for once.

Currently, Robbie’s Harley Quinn has not been announced to take part in Snyder’s Justice League. With the latest addition of Leto’s Joker, perhaps it will be exposed later on that she’s actually in it. But what if there’s a specific and feelings intellect for The Joker to be in the movie, especially if it’s part of the Knightmare timeline? Similarly to how Clark has lost Lois, hence his alteration in the future, it’s totally possible for the Joker to be severely affected by a potential loss of Harley. Even though they are, as of Fowls of Prey, are broken down, Harley and Joker are known for always being on-and-off in the mythology.

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Despite how toxic the romance between Joker and Harley is, particularly in Joker’s treatment of his former psychologist, there’s no denying that he has his own changed way of adoration her — or more precisely, a desire to possess her. No thing how independent he thinks he is, Joker has always needed Harley in his life as a criminal mastermind. If Earth was to be taken over by immigrant forces-out and he had to lose the woman he adoration to them, then Joker would utterly have something to seek revenge for.

While it’d be a first to see the Joker aligned with heroes on the big screen, it’s also possible that the maniacal jackas is actually working in the area of Superman’s Regime and/ or the forces of Apokolips. However it’s depicted in the Snyder Cut, it’ll be interesting to see where all of the DCEU participates are at in this timeline and what areas they’re on. In the case of the Joker, it’s not out of character if he actually helped Superman or Apokolips, in exchange to get to continue to wreak havoc in the world. Due to how insane he’s, Joker would consider working for Earth’s rulers as a small price to pay.

Another outcome for the Joker could be that he actually is under their control as opposed to willingly serving them. With rogues like DeSaad and Darkseid to participate in Justice League, indoctrinating and distorting someone’s mind becomes a real consequence as that’s part of their methods on Apokolips. It would be an experience to see the Joker working for one of the most powerful pushes in the entire DC Universe while still having him and Batman at peculiar deaths. It’d likewise be a shocking twist if Joker fell under their control while he was trying to defend Earth as part of Bruce’s resistance force.

It’s currently equivocal how much new footage Snyder is adding for the 2021 iteration of his Justice League film. But Leto’s Joker being brought back for a massive DC project like this means that it probably is more than a cameo. With other DC villains like Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke also coming back, it’s possible that other DCEU musicians are boarding the project ahead of the Snyder Cut’s liberation in 2021. Given that it’s very possible that Joker and Batman would be at the same time in the Knightmare timeline, what if Bruce’s greatest foe was willing to take a bullet for him?

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It would already be a twist in itself that they would ever work together, but it’d be an even bigger shock if Joker were to die for Batman’s sake. Not exclusively would it be something that has never been seen between Batman and Joker in movie, but it would prove how crazy things have gotten in the future. In no way would this redeem Joker after the lives he has taken and hurt, but it’d be a refreshing addition to his cinematic biography. Additionally, that could explain why Batman is visualized with a artillery carrying Joker’s signature card. Simply age “re going to tell” how much Leto’s Joker is in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but hopefully, some clues will be given in the coming months.

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