Last-place week, Josh and Anna Duggar celebrated an anniversary.

The contentious marry has been married for( roughly) ten years, and they’re existed more than their fair share of gossips during that time.

Josh Duggar Is Back

Actually, to be fair, Josh and Anna were celebrating ten years since the day they got engaged.

Not a common custom-built, but the Duggars necessitate all the “good” Josh-related bulletin they can get their hands on.

And of course, the Duggars are fiends for social media attention, so they publicly celebrate anything that they are able be construed as a milestone.

Josh Kisses Anna

Josh and Anna celebrated their almost-decade of wedded “bliss” with the above photo, which she posted on her Instagram page.

( Josh abides persona non grata on social media, with no notes of his own .)

“The 10 years have been a wonderful escapade! ” Anna captioned the pic.

Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar, and Kids in 2017

It sounds like — despite the many Josh Duggar scandals that virtually wreaked an aim to her wedding — Anna is genuinely excited about contacting the 10 -year mark with Josh.

But there’s reason to believe she’s not as exhilarated with the situation as she claims to be.

Radar Online consulted with the panel of experts who claims that Anna is unable to convincingly secretes her disgust with Josh in the above photo.

Josh Duggar Family Photo

“She has a tight smile, ” body language professional Dr. Lillian Glass told Radar upon examining the photos.

“He sees are not smiling. She’s gritting her teeth. It’s unusually contrived.”

Dr. Glass am of the view that these non-verbal cues are compatible in recent photographs of Josh and Anna.

Josh and Anna at Joseph Duggar's Wedding

“This is all for show, ” Dr. Glass remarked upon examining a series of images.

“She’s looking at him, but she’s leaning away. Anyone with attentions can see this is all for show.”

Viewing footage of the couple from 19 Boys and Counting and recently released YouTube videos, Dr. Glass became even more remain convinced that Josh and Anna’s marriage is a ruse.

Josh Duggar Emerges From Hiding to Congratulate Jill on Baby: Watch !

“She’s disagreeable, ” Dr. Glass said after watching numerous videos.

“She’s rocking back and forth. It’s so phony and contrived.”

Sounds like a great deal to take away from some photographs and short-lived video excerpts, but this is Josh Duggar we’re talking about.

We’re very quick to believe that no one would be married to this gentleman by choice.

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