John Cusack talks about political activism, Hollywood, the high-pitcheds and lows of his 30 -year career- and Utopia, the new Tv series set to warm him up

Two o’clock, Chicago time. The shrouds are down against a radiant afternoon sunbathe and John Cusack, who is by reputation a late riser, takes a seat at the breakfast counter in his kitchen. For decades this storied, suffered and instead solitary-seeming actor has dressed all in black. Today is no exception. He wears a colors T-shirt, black bandana and a black skin biker’s jacket. But for the incongruous beaker he’s drinking coffee from( a medieval-style flagon, sizable as a flowerpot) Cusack could be one of those menacing motorcycle dudes who commons himself next to you at an American dive table and starts asking, unbidden, how he once killed a man but in error.

He turned 54 during the summer. The articulation is gravellier than when you knew it best, when Cusack was in his mid-3 0s heyday and playing those bright lovelorn everymen in Being John Malkovich( 1999 ), High Fidelity( 2000) and Serendipity( 2001 ). The sees, ever so coolly constricted when Cusack first made a name for himself as a teenage star of the 80 s, are more starey and tired these days. He rubs them a good deal while he talks.

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