Lea Seydoux’s Madeleine Swann has a secret in No Time To Die, but what could this mean for Daniel Craig’s final James Bond movie? First appearing in 2015 ‘s Spectre, Swann is a psychologist and the daughter of Mr. White, a scoundrel who has haunted Bond since the Craig era began in Casino Royale. White had descended out with his past supervisors, the crooked party known as SPECTRE, and was anxious that they would come for his daughter, as they did for him. White communicates Bond to protect the young woman, rectifying 007 on a path towards taking down Ernst Stavro Blofeld once and for all. With Madeleine’s help, Bond is able to defeat Blofeld, evaporate SPECTRE and experience a joyou ending in the arms of his former adversary’s daughter.

No Time To Die picks up with Bond and Swann attempting to carve out a quieter life together, with the see formally retired from MI6. With the leaving of original director, Danny Boyle, and question mark over Craig’s involvement, No Time To Die hasn’t experienced a smooth production, but after Cary Fukunaga took over the director’s chair and Craig was confirmed for one last-place journey in the Aston Martin, No Time To Die soon taken together and Bond 25 ‘s first trailer made a strongly positive reaction from fans.

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The No Time To Die trailer exposed Blofeld’s return, showcased Rami Malek’s brand-new rogue and featured all of the stunts, gadgets and action that movie-goers have come to expect from the James Bond franchise. However, the committee is also paved the behavior for a major quirk involving Seydoux’s character. What’s going on with Madeleine, and could her past instantly influence Daniel Craig’s Swann-song?

The idea that Madeleine has been hiding something from Bond is a circulate thread throughout the No Time To Die trailer and there are numerous citations and indicates towards what this secret might mean for the upcoming film’s plot. Firstly, Bond and Swann are under attack, and the British spy accuses his partner for presumably exposing him, clearly under the belief that Madeleine has discovered their location to adversaries. While clanging around in a rush Aston Martin, Seydoux’s character pleads her innocence, but Bond reminds her that they never got around to exploring her confidentials. Plainly, the couple were otherwise occupied.

The framing of the trailer then suggests that Bond and Swann croak their separate courses for a while, since the sleuth is startled to see his ex now working for the secret service. The next big clue, however, comes from the incarcerated Blofeld, who states that Madeleine’s secret will be the death of Bond when it’s revealed to the world. This not only confirms that Blofeld is aware of whatever Swann is hiding, but likewise that the skeletons in her wardrobe directly relate to Bond. In a scene that apparently follows their tense reunion, Swann makes it clear that James doesn’t “know what this is, ” although exactly what she’s referring to remains a mystery to both witness and Bond himself.

In one final clue, Madeleine is determined crying over a box containing a disguise that’s either the same or very similar to the one shabby by Rami Malek’s new devil last-minute in the trailer. Does this sanction Bond’s suspicions of betrayal?

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Taking into account everything that has been divulged even further, and Madeleine’s background as revealed in Spectre, it’s possible that she began acting as a handler for James Bond before fallen in love with him for real. But to whom, exactly, was she reporting back? Since Madeleine is revealed to be working for MI6 in the No Time To Die trailer, it’s probable that she was assigned to keep on eye on Bond while in retirement by the Secret Service, nonetheless, this doesn’t account for the concealment or how Blofeld knows her secret. Being a secret British spy also isn’t the Earth-shattering revelation the trailer indications towards.

In Spectre, Madeleine is said to have repudiated her father’s criminality after she was forced to kill would-be attackers as small children. This incident presumably drove a wedge between Mr. White and his daughter, with Madeleine going on to enjoy a successful medical career in the private sector, away from the cruelty and betrayal of her father’s illicit world. Unfortunately, the faithfulnes of this backstory isn’t guaranteed; there is ample room for cheat and plenty of possibilities where Madeleine could’ve been banked by adversary agents.

Firstly, Madeleine might’ve had a better relationship with her father than she let on, and could, at one point, have been a fellow SPECTRE operative, with her civilian chore at an Austrian clinic merely a cover story. If this were the action, Mr. White’s entire plea to Bond( “finding a conscience” as 007 applies it) might’ve been hatched in order to realize Bond trust Swann and contribute him instantly to her without suspecting foul play. This would explain the connection between Madeleine’s secret and Blofeld, and also placed a brand-new spin on how Bond’s lover was captured in the final play of Spectre. Madeleine’s goal may simply be( or have originally been) to orchestrate the eventual disgrace of James Bond at the behest of SPECTRE.

Alternatively, accepting the first part of Madeleine’s backstory is correct and she actually did come out with her leader, perhaps she joined up with a competitive delinquent organization to spite him. Unaware of his daughter’s real job, Mr. White then settled Bond and his daughter together, admitting Madeleine to take advantage of the situation by manipulating her brand-new spouse into taking down the awfully group she had despised since infancy. After achieving this aim, Madeleine likely would’ve tried to move on from her shady dealings, having genuinely fallen in love with James Bond during their time together, but such baggage rarely abides undisturbed for long.

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What can be ascertained is that Swann is almost certain to have a connection to or knowledge of Bond beyond what the audience has seen even further. Whether their meeting in Spectre was genuine or invented was unclear, but the team of executioners firing on Bond’s Aston Martin proves that there’s an antagonist out there with a stake in Bond’s death. Madeleine claims she didn’t sell her buff out, but her mere spirit might’ve been enough to betray the couple’s position to any villainous onetime boss Swann might’ve had.

It perhaps isn’t a co-occurrence that the surfacing of Madeleine’s secret coincides with the arrival of brand-new criminal, Safin, played by Rami Malek. The cover-up divulge in the No Time To Die trailer demonstrates some kind of connection between Swann and Safin, and the pack feels like a theme is being sent, same to The Godfather‘s iconic “sleeps with the fishes” scene. Madeleine’s snaps let on that not only does she know what this sense is intended to convey, but likewise that she’s fear of whatever comes next. Logically, this would mean that whatever risky business Swann has involved herself in over its first year, she remembered she had escaped it.

The mask’s delivery would also fit with the assumption that Madeleine participated Safin’s organization as a road to win back at her father, and that the group then manipulated her connection to James Bond for their own discontinues – perhaps to take down a colossal antagonist in Blofeld. So then, why would Safin be interrupting Bond and Swann’s romantic bliss in No Time To Die? Perhaps this is where the classic “loose ends” excuse comes into play. If Safin used Swann to control James Bond into doing his dirty work, the devil seems smart enough to know that it’s merely a matter of time before Britian’s favorite agent comes for him. Additionally, if Swann has already left his hire, Safin won’t brain too much if Seydoux’s character gets is still in the crossfire. Even if Madeleine had developed genuine feelings for Bond in the years since, a secret of this magnitude would shake the sleuth to his core, and if the bulletin leans the former 007 in Safin’s firing line, that could be what Blofeld wanted when he foretold that Madeleine’s skeletons “wouldve been” deaths among James Bond.

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