There’s a new Netflix show that has the internet talking!

Last week, the streaming service debuted their new unscripted docuseries, Westside, and it’s being compared to The Hills — except with a lot more music!

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Following the lives of Pia Toscano, Taz Zavala, Arika Gluck, James Byous, Caitlin Ary, Leo Gallo, Alexandra Kay, Austin Kolbe, and Sean Patrick Murray as they aspire to make their dreams come true in Hollywood, there’s plenty of drama as they all come together to work on a new project.

Of course, this reality show wouldn’t be complete without the singers breaking into song!

Ch-ch-check out the Westside trailer (above) and find out what people are saying on Twitter (below)!

@kristenvandine have you watched westside on netflix?? i just stumbled onto it and it opens with a 5 minute glee project esque music video and now i can't stop

— ugh (@MattHowze) November 16, 2018

@Westside on netflix has me crying every second i swear

— Ⓥ marlon – f*ck ye chicken strips (@bakedpot8oesbro) November 14, 2018

@Westside You nailed it! Binge watched the entire season and absolutely loved it! Such a talented group, and so excited to see these artists blow up! Hope there is another season in the works! #bravo #netflix #MustWatch

— Susan Romero (@SpiritualOG) November 10, 2018

Fame + The Hills + Real World +Making the Band = #WestSide on @Netflix. It’s a hot mess of reality shows thrown in a crockpot and the result is messy and delicious.

— seanologues (@seanpaulmahoney) November 11, 2018

Well if you’re gonna be sick, finding this little treasure #Westside on @Netflix was so perfect.

And @PiaToscano was a delightful surprise. Her voice is so mesmerizingly beautiful.

— Elegantly Wasted™ 🎧🏒🍷 (@dnvrsangel) November 10, 2018

Just started #Westside on @netflix and I am in love. It's a singing reality show. My mom, who doesn't speak English, was watching it with me and she was tearing up just watching them talk. It's a really powerful show, full of talent. Hope you watch it and love it 🎤

— Bookish Drama (@bookishdrama) November 11, 2018

@netflix new show @Westside was SO good! I wasn't sure what to expect going into it, but I quickly became addicted! The cast was incredible, and SO SO SO relatable as I have recently moved to LA to pursue work. Hoping for this show to blow up! 🙏 #Netflix #Westside

— Danny Stavens (@danstav24) November 15, 2018

@netflix where can I get that @Westside soundtrack? I need it in my life.

— Vanessa (@somonesmum) November 11, 2018

If that wasn’t enough to sell you, watch some of the amazing performances:

Are U watching?? Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below)!

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