We have a 1992 Airstream trailer we are using as an AirBnB. We do not intend to travel with it. The 6 gallon, gas heated, HW tank is less than what most people are use to. And it has a leak- so instead of supplanting it with another small-time tank/ gang and trenching propane- we are thinking about lending a small shed behind the trailer- and home a full sized HW heater( more likely a 30 gallon) and or a solar HW heater( we live in Arizona ). The Airstream is on city water, sewer and is powered by a 200 amp sub-panel. I would enclose out an outbuilding on the back side of the trailer to house the heater and pass the lines under the chassis and connect to the quantity and return-after removing the disclosing division. And discontinuing the propane line.

– Has anyone ever worked on a static RV with an external HWH? – Is this a feasible option? – Obvious problems with the mean? – Thought to consider?

We are not interested in instant hot water machines. Working on critical infrastructures of an Airstream is less than ideal. I have general household plumbing amend/ install experience( my Dad drove in a plumbing equip warehouse for 20 years- I would go with him sometimes, wiped the storeys, style parts and I expected the old-fashioned chaps a lot of questions)

Thank you for reading this and giving your revelations.

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