Is there a Batman Easter egg to be found in Joker‘s opening sequence? Liberated last-place month to a rapturous response, Todd Phillips’ Joker are still under trend to break the$ 1 billion barrier at the box office and may well find itself in Oscar contention before too long. These are particularly affecting compliments considering Joker’s low-budget indie aesthetic and how different the movie is in style and tone compared to the average blockbuster.

One of Joker’s defining characters is its thorough attention to detail and the wide array of DC and Batman Easter eggs that are available if love care to look hard enough. Notes detected thus far include a typeface sign to Batman: The Animated Series on the Murray Franklin present, a callback to Adam West’s pole antics and a poster resembling Jack Nicholson’s 1989 form of Joker in Arthur’s dressing room. There are also a number of affects taken away from both The Killing Joke and The Dark Knight Returns comic stories.

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Another magnificent Easter egg has now, potentially, been discovered. As pointed out by the Hidden Easter Eggs Twitter history, an early shoot of Arthur Fleck sitting at his dressing room table goes around to anatomy what appears to be the shape of the Caped Crusader’s cowl. The expression can be seen in Arthur’s mirror, with a hanging signaling separating the reflection to form Batman’s pointy ears, a daybreak and a ratify observing out the mask’s eye holes and Arthur himself shaping the mouth of the cowl.

Once pointed out, it’s absurd not to see the image of Batman tower over Arthur in the representation, but there is some debate as to whether this is an intentional Easter egg or merely a happy coincidence. In support of the citation being deliberate, Joker is a film that has been widely praised for its cinematography. Each film feels very purposeful and is parcelled with multiple beds of symbolizing. Furthermore, all aspects of this representation, however innocuous it might look in the finished revise, would’ve been planned out and arranged in advance. The mansion that carves out the image’s two ears was included for a reason, as was the lighting layout that organizes the eyes. Rarely in movie and Tv does something find its channel into the frame by mistake, unless you’re working on the situate of Game of Thrones, and Joker’s more artful and nuanced approach to comic book movies is an indication that more time was likely spent on scene composition and imagery than on most superhero efforts.

Aside from being a neat way to recognize Joker’s history, this Easter egg might also have a symbolic meaning. Batman doesn’t have a major role in Joker – Bruce Wayne is only a child after all – but the clashes he and Arthur( maybe, depending on how you understand the movie) have in the future are hanging ominously in the air as Arthur’s transformation into the Joker gleans closer.

It could also be argued that Todd Phillips’ movie willfully invites followers to search for hidden items. So much visual information is packed into each incident that repeat regards are required in order to pick up on every element. In these types of cinemas, it’s perhaps safer to assume that hidden faces that happen to look like the entitlement character’s arch nemesis are deliberate rather than accidental, but then Joker has already provoked so much debate and discussion among fans, this is just the latest example of a scene no one can quite agree on.

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