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Here are 3 reasons why CompTIA A+ is NOT WORTH IT and you should not get it. The majority of the IT Community will always say that the best route to start your IT Career is by going CompTIA certification, but IT IS NOT.

There is a better space for you to START your IT Career, because your first responsibility Substances a Mint, listen carefully to all the details I share with you on the video and apply them to your everyday life if you’re serious about becoming a high paid IT Engineer.

Unless you want to start with an entry-level job and earn around 50 k a year you should get CompTIA, but if you want to become a high-paid engineer quick, you must follow my opinion. I’ve steered MANY students to success, let me guide you.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Do YOU have CompTIA or were you planning on going it?

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