For context: I am currently a major in high school. Last year I had roughly 35 lawns I was mowing weekly and grossed approximately $20 k throughout the season. I only had a push mower, trimmer, and leaf blower to clear driveways all loaded up in the back of a minivan.

This year I am looking to grow my the enterprises and shoot for about 60 -7 0 lawns a week( roughly $35 per lawn ). I am looking to purchase a truck, trailer, as well as a zero turn mower. I would be able to work about 5-6 hours a day while still in school and 20 hours on the weekends so about 40 -5 0 hours a few weeks and so it would be possible to do that. My dad is telling me I shouldn’t disappear this route as it will complicate acts as i am going to college in the precipitate and I could lose money from it but I attend virtually no downside due to the fact that I will be able to scale it much more efficiently.

Looking for advice and feel free to question more questions for me to clarify, thanks!

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