A year after announcing the ONE camera for 4K 360 -degree shooting, Insta3 60 is now back with the ONE X for 5.7 K 360 -degree shooting.

Compatible with both iOS and Android, the ONE X is designed to” give useds more freedom and most creative prospects- both during and after capture .”

The camera features “gimbal-level” stabilization using Insta3 60′ s 6-axis gyroscopic stabilization and FlowState stabilization algorithm, which psychoanalyzes action in all directions to supply a powerful stabilization.

” FlowState lets users capture impossibly smooth video with no supplementaries needed ,” Insta3 60 says.” Mount the ONE X anywhere- from a helmet to a selfie stick to a kayak- and footage come off looks a lot like it’s been professionally changed .”

5. 7K footage is to be able to shot at 30 fps. “Then theres” brand-new 50 fps and 100 fps make proportions if you drop down to 4K and 3K settlement, respectively. And in addition to providing videos, the ONE X can photograph 18 -megapixel JPEG or DNG RAW photos with enormous low-light execution. ISO, revelation cost, lily-white balance, and shutter quicken is to be able to manually adjusted.

After captivating footage, users can use the ONE X’s revising app to reframe and re-edit the best parts of stages, generating cinematic excerpts from the original 360 -degree views.

A new TimeShift feature causes you adjust the playback hurrying of different parts of clips, from cinematic slow motion to sped-up hyperlapses. The Bullet Time feature that was introduced in the original ONE now has a wider field of view and 3K resolution in the ONE X.

When prepared on a selfie affix, the ONE X can automatically edit the stick out of scenes, drawing the resulting footage was like it was shot by a low-flying drone.

Insta3 60 has created a brand-new Drifter camera “dart” that’s designed to help you capture aerial footage with your ONE X by throwing it. Simply snap your camera into the dart and start lunging it around. The resulting Drift Shots are 360 -degree aerial slow-motion shots.

Other features and specs of the ONE X include 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi for transports and previews, HDR shooting, Lightning/ USB-Type-C/ Micro-USB cable subscribe, a removable 1200 mAh artillery, two optional rugged event options( a tough Endeavour Case and an underwater Dive Case ), and an optional GPS Smart Remote.

The Insta3 60 ONE X is available starting October 17 th with a price tag of $400.

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