Warning: contains spoilers for Infinite Frontier # 0

DC Comics’ Infinite Frontier event is all about bringing hope back to the DC Universe, and one of the purposes of that signifies setting some of their biggest missteps with the Flash. Though the superstar is one of DC’s biggest, numerous love ought to have disappointed by the floors and inventive preferences taken with both the Barry Allen Flash and his heir, Wally West. However, Infinite Frontier is course-correcting for the Scarlet Speedster and the biggest change is attaining Wally West DC’s main Flash once again.

Originally the Flash’s sidekick, Kid Flash, Wally West proved to be a popular courage. His arc going from an irresponsible girl to a world-saving hero was impelling to readers who had followed the specific characteristics for decades. Looking him become Flash after Barry Allen died solidified him as one of DC’s best personas. For more than twenty years, he was the DC Universe’s Flash. All that modified when Barry Allen “re coming back” to life in Final Crisis though. After the DC Universe was rebooted with the New 52, Wally was replaced by a completely different character bearing the same name. While Rebirth returned Wally to mainstream DC Continuity, it wasn’t a painless reunion.

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All that is changing although with Infinite Frontier# 0. In the issue’s Flash story from novelist Joshua Williamson and master Howard Porter, Wally encounters Barry in the extra-dimensional House of Heroes. Barry tells his former protege that he’s going to be joining the multiversal Justice League, Justice Incarnate, to help explore and protect the multiverse. Unfortunately, this leaves a Flash-shaped hole in the brand-new DC Omniverse, one which Barry demands Wally to crowd. Though Wally is sorrowful that he won’t be seeing much of his mentor and friend, he merrily accepts the responsibility, stirring Wally the DC Universe’s Flash for the first time in over a decade.

What originates this a great solution to DC’s recent Flash questions is that it manages to please followers of both attributes. Wally can reclaim his entitle and step back into the spotlight, while Barry is still alive and can make appearances as the Flash in other DC names. More than time rehabilitating Wally as Flash though, this feels like DC trying to make amends for how the character was directed berth Rebirth.

Rebirth might have returned Wally West to the DC Universe, but the character often wasn’t properly implemented. The most loathsome example of this was the happening Heroes in Crisis which ensure Wally become a mass murderer. Despite a more prominent role in Dark Nights: Death Metal though, it seemed that DC still had it out for the character when they constructed him become the literal quintessence of destitution in Future State.

Giving Wally the mantle of Flash once more is a signal from DC that they’re eventually making him the respect he deserves. Merely duration will tell whether DC will reiterate the mistakes it’s acquired in the past, but Infinite Frontier is positive that they’ve at least learned their assignment with the Flash.

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