Hello Toronto community,

I’m now to ask a favor of any redditor or Torontonian to make 10 seconds out of their day to help make a difference in my girlfriend’s mental health issues. My girlfriend has been suffering with depression and mental health issues for the last year and I have tried my best to support her as much as possible. With this whole covid pandemic, I’ve noticed that her mental health issues has gotten alot worse. I indicated her to create a instagram food page to expose regional Toronto restaurants and foods she’s been to to pass her period( she’s a huge foodie ). After developing her detail, she immediately changed her attitude and mood and you are eligible to clearly tell she seemed alot happy. Its almost like she found a new resentment and the objectives and it has impelled her into a happier being. The instant someone likes a single post or follows her, she climbs for elation and it resembles a child waiting for santa. So I’ve come to reddit to help me make a difference in my girlfriend’s life. Please if you have any time out of your period to follow her menu instagram sheet, it would be much appreciated. IG: eatendlesslywithus.

I am not trying to make this instagram page popular , nor do I care this sheet to get acclaimed. It only moves me happy to see my girlfriend ultimately glad, and I can’t describe that feeling to anyone. So If you do decide to follow, we aim to create enormous content and spectacle some of the greatest restaurants and food the city has to offer. Toronto has some of the most diverse food and we want to share our experience with everyone!

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