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A brand-new fragment of Spider-Man: No Way Home prowes imagines a Green Goblin scene as the treat of a yield Marvel comic. Since its freeing in theaters on December 17, No Way Home has already become one of the most profitable movies of all time. In simply a dozen days, it has grossed more than The Rise of Skywalker’s entire box office run. This is thanks in enormous role to the MCU’s multiverse theory and No Way Home’s promise of familiar faces from Sony’s past.

As the conclusion of Jon Watts’ Homecoming trilogy, No Way Home recognizes Peter Parker( Tom Holland) try Doctor Strange’s( Benedict Cumberbatch) assist destroying Mysterio’s identity reveal in Far From Home’s ascribes scene. The pair’s multiversal melding developing in devils from both Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy and Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man films entering into the MCU, including Doc Ock( Alfred Molina ), Green Goblin( Willem Dafoe ), Electro( Jamie Foxx ), Sandman( Thomas Haden Church ), Lizard( Rhys Ifans ), and, of course, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s iterations of Spider-Man. While the latter duo steal the show upon their advent, Green Goblin strolls away from No Way Home as its best baddie.

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Artist Butcher Billy on Instagram recently shared a vintage comic book cover that takes insight from one of Green Goblin’s backgrounds in No Way Home. The fan-made, The Amazing Spider-Man cover, entitled “Green Goblin No More! ” realizes Norman Osborn walk away from his broken Goblin mask. The scene, both on the envelop and depicted in No Way Home, is reminiscent of the situation in Spider-Man 2( 2004) when Peter Parker( Maguire) decides he’s “Spider-Man no more.” Check it out below 😛 TAGEND

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In Raimi’s original Spider-Man( 2002) movie, Harry Osborn’s( James Franco) leader, Norman, founder and owner of Oscorp Industries, experiments on himself with an precarious performance-enhancing chemical. This drives him insane and solutions in the dueling identities of Norman and the Goblin. In No Way Home, the Goblin, in full garb, appears on the bridge where Spider-Man is fighting Doc Ock. The next time gatherings view him, he quarrels with the Goblin before smashing his mask and running away( like the coating above ). Peter then goes to F.E.A.S.T. and experiences a startled Norman, who has apparently restored self-restraint of himself from his split Goblin personality. Unfortunately for Aunt May( Marisa Tomei ), the Goblin persona last-minute gives command in destroy fashion.

The Green Goblin is at the center of Peter’s moral dilemma in No Way Home. While Dafoe’s portrayal in the first Spider-Man movie has always been reverenced, his persona in No Way Home is arguably more compassionate and multi-dimensional. On transcend of that, the fight scenes between Holland and Dafoe are some of the film’s best. As an ode to Spider-Man cinema, which alludes to comic book storylines like “One More Day, ” it’s fitting that Spider-Man: No Way Home would bring back a antique devil and move him better than ever.

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