Hi, my honour is Dada and I’m an master who loves to draw all sorts of subjects exercising all kinds of different media. I usually compound different people into one, reaps personas composed of good versus misfortune, or plainly draw versions of the same persona as one.

These illustrations are done with shade pencils. Hope you like them!

More info: Instagram | artbydada.com

Jasmine& Rajah

Ariel& Vanessa

Tarzan& Kerchak

Mowgli& Bagheera

Snow White& the Evil Queen

Cinderella& the Wicked Stepmother

Rapunzel& Mother Gothel

Simba& Scar

Gaston& the Prince

Mulan& Shan Yu

Megaforce& Silver Ranger

Aurora& Maleficent

Merida& Mama Bear

Aladdin& Jafar

Hercules& Hades

Tiana& the Shadow Man

Alice& the Red Queen

Batman& Joker

Spidy& Venom

Poison Ivy& Harley Quinn

Beauty& the Beast

Ariel& Ursula

Joy& Sadness

Te Fiti& Te Ka

Aladdin& Abu

Miguel Rivera

Garfield& Odie

Maid and the Tramp

Fox and the Hound

Duchess& Thomas O’malley

Beetlejuice& Lydia

Aang& Zuko

Voldemort& Nagini

Robin Hood& Lady Marian

Hopps& Wild



Nala& Simba

Woody& Buzz



Harry Potter& Hedwig

Donald& Daisy

Artemis& Luna

Sailor Moon& Black Lady

Simba& Scar

Jack& Sally

Hermione& Crookshanks

Baby Tom& Jerry

Christopher Robin& Winnie the Pooh

Jessie& Bullseye

Morticia Addams& Gomez Addams

Bam Bam& Pebbles

Tweety& Sylvester

Bambi& Faline

Wall-e& Eve


Stitch& Angel

Shaggy& Scooby-do

Spidy& Venom

Lady Miraculous& Chat Noir



Batman& Joker

Wonder Woman& Medusa

Cheshire Cat

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