Hyundai is facilitating the easy installation of an integrated cleanse intensity ecosystem called’ Hyundai Home’. Hyundai Home offers customers an opportunity to access solar energy and electric vehicle billing from their homes with top-rated home chargers, solar array, and vigour storage organizations through a one-stop marketplace platform.

Hyundai Home 1

The Hyundai Home experience delivers sustainable smart solutions through a personalized purchase process with a dedicated concierge to walk purchasers through the Hyundai Home journey. The Hyundai Home is set to launch in select marketplaces in 2022.

“The goal of the Hyundai Home energy ecosystem is to provide an end-to-end mobility solution that lowers the barriers to EV adoption and gives customers dependable, industry-leading, clean electric power, and the ability to charge their electric vehicle at home, ” said Olabisi Boyle, Vice President, Product Planning and Mobility Strategy, Hyundai Motor North America. “With Hyundai Home, Hyundai is delivering a seamless EV ownership experience that empowers consumers to adopt eco-friendly technologies in the manner that best fits their lifestyles.”

Hyundai Home 2

Hyundai will streamline the home-electrification experience, rather than offering a menu of produces from various categories of symbols and leaving it up to the homeowner to identify and oversee the integration and management of a arrangement. Hyundai will select the best makes from the best partners, and guide patrons with a dedicated concierge representative to create a Hyundai Home solution optimized for each customer’s individual exertion needs. Patrons will enjoy this Hyundai Home dedicated concierge and one of very good warranties in the industry just as they do for Hyundai’s line-up of road cars.

Hyundai Home offers customers reliable, emission-free energy production, storage, protection against outages and potent dwelling blaming, and the peace of mind that comes from dealing with well-established, reputable providers. The organization will work with any EV or PHEV model.

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