Ripe papaya has countless expends, from turning the flesh into a classic Indian sugary treat to constituting papaya’ pepper’ out of the seeds

You can ripen a not-quite-there papaya overnight simply by scoring the bark a millimetre or two deep from top to bottom in various orders. The next day, it will be orange, ripe and ready to eat. If you have the opposite problem and your papaya is over-ripe, it may be best to cook it, cutting out any mould blots together with the skin. The seeds can be used as a spice and the flesh to fix jam-pack or halwa.

To make papaya seed “black pepper”, toast the seeds for five to 10 minutes in the oven( ideally while it is warming up for another use or alongside another recipe) until they’re completely cool, then grind to make a fruity, mild peppery seasoning.

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