Managing evaluations can be a challenge for businesses with a single location, so when you have multiple locations or a right model, the effort is proliferated. Responding to reviews is an important task in maintaining your brand’s reputation. Fortunately, with a well-planned strategy, you are eligible to utter tackling the challenges of managing evaluates across multiple locations easier for your team.

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According to BrightLocal’s 2019 consumer evaluation investigation, 82% of consumers speak online assess for regional businesses and of those who read them, 97% predict the businesses’ responses to them. Managing discusses are not only part of maintaining brand reputation, they’re likewise paramount to auctions. That’s why it’s essential for businesses of all sizes to find a way to stay on top of their reviews.

With the right tools and a solid programme, evaluate administration doesn’t have to be the headache you might imagine it to be. Whether you’re researching possible policies or assessing your current one, we’ll cover its consideration of the question you should take for multi-location examine management.

Multi-location frameworks for managing examines

Multi-location can symbolize two different things: you’re a corporate role with dealership points or you’re a business with multiple locations. Either way, the two sits below are options for review management. A possible third prototype would be blending these two.

Corporate controls all inspects

Your first choice is having the corporate agency administer all the reviews, whether it’s a franchise or multi-location. In this situation, the corporate part has a marketing or customer service team that can handle the loudnes across all locations. The benefit is that you control the brand image, communication and responses. You too are able to track analytics easier because it’s all managed in the same place.

The downside to corporate administering reviews is that corporate doesn’t know everything that is happening in each locale. Depending on the type of incident, it might take more season for corporate to research and decide how to handle it than if the location’s manager had immediately responded.

The individual place finagles evaluates

The next preference is to have the individual location manage their own re-examine. In the franchise pose, some locations are given free rein on their market and customer service. The corporate department might send a plan or strategy paper but the spot remains the firstly to be addressed and respond to reviews. When individual locatings succeed their own examines, they tend to be instant feedback to the managers, who can quickly chasten any mistakes.

On the other hand, you gamble brand dilution. Your company could have 90 successful orientations and 10 poorly reviewed ones, but the poorly reviewed ones that don’t successfully are compliant with your policy may continue to stand out and characterize your brand.

What to consider when creating a right examine programme

How do you decide which discus pattern is the best for your business? There are several ingredients that you need to consider.

Who is managing the workload?

If you’re a small neighbourhood coffeehouse chain where sites are carbon copies of each other, it might meet more sense to let corporate take the reins on remember handling. A centralized being or crew is likely to be oversee a few cases locations’ reviews.

If points vary from each other or you have hundreds of locations, then the individual location’s manager might establish more sense to be the point person for recollects. Having individual locatings manage its consideration of the report means that you need to have a designated person or unit at that site with appropriate training. That work needs to be factored into their day. Corporate might provide oversight and note tendencies across sites but it’s still on the locale overseer to execute.

How much switch does corporate need?

As we mentioned before, label stature is one of the reasons for managing critiques. The more people who are involved in the review process, the more you gamble symbol dilution. If corporate treats all of its consideration of the item, then responses will be similar across all locations. But if franchise locations are given more freedom in their handling, then recalls would fall under their workload, so they’ll need the bandwidth to handle them and the training to represent your brand identity well.

How much friction will be created by your policy?

No one likes bureaucratic procedure. Ideally, recalls are responded to promptly and if it is necessary to, solutions are offered to the consumer. What you don’t want is having a corporate office speak the review, talk to the location about it, have a meeting to discuss alternatives, respond to the review and then have the location handle the solution when the customer comes in again. It’s a lot of back and forth that might take up important term. Sometimes, the most wonderful solution is best.

Where are the locations?

The more spots you have across more demographics, the more you are required neighbourhood corroborate. A bakery with two regional locations would usually have just one main team that handles general administration. But when you bridges municipals or nations or even countries, you wade into different cultures and demographics. Those on the field at the individual location will be more in tune with the customers referring recollects than the corporate department that might be thousands of miles away.

Which industry are you in?

Some industries rest more into a would be required for streamlined evaluate conduct than others. Think about how you currently manage your social media sketches and customer service requests.

A clothing or engineering store that has the same inventory and store training courses for each site would be best to with corporate succeeding revaluations. This highway, they’ll be able to collect information on which makes aren’t working well and memorandum those tendencies. Scrutinizes based on location are not as important as remembers based on the products that they’re selling.

The hospitality industry, nonetheless, does rely on individual orientations performing well and tracking the differences between them. One inn location’s experience could alternate drastically from another’s, even under the same brand name. It is also an industry where immediate responses are desired. You don’t want to wait a week before hearing about someone’s poor stay at your hotel.

Arrange up asses areas for multiple locations

Whichever review management model you’ve chosen, you still have to establish your active spirit on the various review sites. If your business or spot has been around for a while, it’s very possible that a itemize already exists on a review site even if no one has claimed it. Depending on the industry you’re in, Yelp and TripAdvisor are also important locates to claim your business on.

Google My Business

Google My Business revaluations show up in various places connected to Google such as the search results sidebar and Google Maps. If the place is established on several review websites, Google will average out the superstar rating. Keywords are too attracted out from reviews and foreground. To administer your reviews, you’ll need to set up your Google My Business detail and check your business.


Facebook has the same format for both kinds of multi-location business frameworks. There’s a main corporation Page and then you have the ability to add spots. Each place is also a Page that can be individually finagled, if desired. pep boys facebook page When you click on “More” in Pep Boys’ main Page bar, you’ll encounter Accumulation, which will result you to a map of all of their accumulates. Each locale marked leads to its own Page where the individual location manager can reply to the reviews. Alternatively, corporate can still administer reviews.

Managing numerou site refreshes

There are ways to make it easier for everyone to be on the same page on scrutinize management even for a large chain business. Now are a few feelings on how to better manage your reviews across places or franchises.

Asses management tools

To blend management strategies, Sprout’s enterprise solutions include adding multiple social profiles, asses sites and locatings all under one note. It’s the best of both world-wides: corporate can track conduct and trends and even reply or stand allows for individual locations.

sprout reviews

Covering Facebook, Google My Business, TripAdvisor and Glassdoor, one location can see all of their reviews in one place. Using a tool like this will help you streamline your efforts and put your focus where it’s most important: responding to reviews.

saved replies within sprout asset library

Another important part of Sprout’s enterprise mixtures is the Asset Library. Not only does it include idol storage that can be easily shared across orientations, but it also contains the Saved Replies piece. Saved Replies are essentially template replies for the most common senses that you receive, such as frequently asked questions you know your purchasers often have. For discuss, corporate can add these Saved Replies so that individual sites can use them as a starting point and customize as needed. This keeps the core information consistent and accurate, while allowing personalization for the specific conversation.

Cause a review management policy

To make sure everyone’s on the same page for multiple locations or rights, creating a review management strategy is the best thing you can do.

This way, everyone is synced on what different types of evaluates ask with a view to responding. Perhaps in a Level One list where re-examines are positive, the individual location can manage. And then in a Level Five category where it’s a major ailment that might be a trend across locations, it’s an automated escalation to corporate.

Establish templates& a firebrand articulate usher

For common grumbles and kudoes, you’ll find yourself recurring the same thing over and over again. This is where reply templates are now in. Having corporate generate these templates will help keep your symbol more consistent.

If the individual location is allowed some liberty in their replies, then creating a brand voice guide will be helpful. This room, all customers will receive the same general brand temperament whether it’s from a location in Miami or in Boston.

Analyze its consideration of the item

All this conduct slog needs to have concrete results. You can’t tell if a strategy is successful without looking at its analytics. When you look at the reports, you’ll be able to note important things like make vogues, interests and common friction parts. Perhaps multiple stores have scrutinizes about how a pizza transcending is not up to par. That “wouldve been” cause for an investigation into the topping supplier.

smart inbox tag hover in sprout cross channel tag report in sprout

To help figure out your reports, Sprout’s tagging feature allows you to create labels and call any send. The ensuing report can help you recognise trends in volume among different types of tags, whether you named these up to represent brand-new produces, repetition grievances or client issues of different severity.


Are you feeling ready to take on multi-location review management? Sign up for a Sprout demo to see how you can easily manage assesses for any type of business model.

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