If you want to remain competitive in the modern world, you need an online storage. This applies to both small and medium-sized B2B firms. Nonetheless, before reaching out to the improvement unit, you need to choose the right stage that are able to clothing the requirements of your business. It is important to understand that all companies have different processes and target audience.

In this article, we will look at the better B2B eCommerce scaffolds so you could get a complete picture of the accessible stages for online trading.


Most online store owneds consider the Magento b2b e-commerce platform to be the best open root stage for businesses. Why? Because about 26% of all online collects are designed specifically for Magento, which is why it is the market governor. At the same period, this stage does not suit every company. For pattern, Magento Enterprise Edition, issued by large-scale firms, rates 16,000 dollars per year. Fortunately, Magento has an option that clothings small companies as well. Using Community Edition, online supermarket owners can create an online store free of charge. The most popular aspects are the support of different currencies and speeches, the managers of several online accumulates through one executive committee and custom-made modules.

Another advantage of Magento is the large selection of plug-ins and add-ons. Thanks to those, the programme gives you boundless possibilities when it comes to adding new features or expanding your online store.

At the same time, the platform has some flaws. Although you do not need to pay for using Magneto, you will have to buy add-ons, plug-ins, and templates separately if you want to add functionality to your B2B online store or design a distinct template.


If you are looking for character b2b e-commerce solutions, then osCommerce will be an ideal select. This good old-fashioned pulpit have all along been popular with B2B business owners. To determine your supermarket unique and add new peculiarities, you can take advantage of ready-made expansions, of which there are about 7000.

The community of osCommerce makes consists of roughly 26,000 parties. If you have any difficulties, you can always count on going some technical support from community members.

If you think that osCommerce is ideal for your business goals, then attaches great importance to its shortcomings. The pulpit itself is quite aged. Hence, do not expect to see the same offices as you would from similar modern B2B programmes. In add-on, there may be difficulties with expanding your osCommerce online store.


This is the best b2b e-commerce platform for small business owners since it requires having negligible programming acquaintance. In general, it is very easy to open an OpenCart store, and you are able to use the basic online accumulate serves. However, the platform may be inappropriate if you plan to conduct marketing expeditions. Speaking of which, if you are a marketing student or just simply don’t wondering where to start your marketing article research from, you should go to one of the professionals that can write essay for anyone. Such rehearsal is perfectly safe and secure. We’ve all been through hard time during our university years, and it’s ever a good notion to ask a professional to take care of your jobs than to burn out in the middle of the call. You can prescribe even more exhaustive experiment from them if you want to know more about the b2b e-commerce.

But we’ve came carried away. At the earliest stages, you still need the help of the development unit for basic storage configuration. To add new the characteristics and originate the online supermarket most flexible, you can use additional plug-ins.

The drawback of OpenCart is that there may occur a conflict when using different plug-ins. Plus, some informs is not always possible. If “youd like to” entrust your B2B business to plug-in developers, then this scaffold will be quite suitable for you.

open source ecommerce platform

Spree Commerce

This is one of the best open generator programmes developed utilizing Ruby on Rails. The online accumulate owners’ society on this scaffold is growing rapidly. Why is Spree Commerce so favourite? Useds had pointed out that the admin panel is easy to use and it has some enormous peculiarities too.

Also, you can choose an extension from a large number of existing ones, so you do not requirement third-party help.

The primary advantages of Spree Commerce are its flexible and unlimited stretch capabilities. Online store proprietors can add an unlimited number of usage affairs to the online accumulation. These advantages do Spree Commerce one of the best stages for B2B ventures.


This is yet another popular scaffold for businesses. The PrestaShop platform has a simple admin board. Useds can set up an online supermarket on their own. The pulpit throws the user a pick of several levels of technical control.

However, the PrestaShop platform has its penchants. Namely, limited the possibility for personalizing your online accumulation. If you are looking for a scaffold that will allow you to create a peculiar pattern and leverage a good deal of graphic factors, you need to look for something else.

In order to personalize the design of your PrestaShop site, you will need to buy additional themes.

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