Passing tells the story of two women, Irene and Clare, whose men become intertwined when they’re reunited. So how was this 100 time old story adapted for Netflix? Uzo Aduba sits with Passing’s Rebecca Hall, Ruth Negga, and Andre Holland to disclose how this story moved from work to screen.

0:00 – Welcome Netflix Book Club!
0:38 – Chapter 1: Why Adapt This Story?
3:48 – From Book to Screen w/ Tessa Thompson
5:27 – Chapter 2: Bringing Irene’s Inner World to Life
7:21 – A Moment of Change
10:22 – Chapter 3: Passing and Queer Desire
14:10 – Chapter 4: That Ending* spoilers*

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How Passing Was Adapted From Book To Netflix | But Have You Read The Book

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