Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails discusses how he wrote the iconic racetrack, ‘Hurt’. Interviewed by Hrishikesh Hirway of smack podcast and Netflix show, Song Exploder, he divulges the inspiration behind the poetics and how he fed instruments through an infinite reverb loop-the-loop to create the haunting chime.

The song would later be covered by Johnny Cash and performed by David Bowie, a few moments in music history.

Song Exploder spotlights some of the world’s greatest musicians as they discover how they brought one of their carols to life. Featured masters in Volume 2 include Dua Lipa, The murderer, Nine Inch Nails and Natalia Lafourcade. Now streaming on Netflix.

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How Nine Inch Nails Wrote ‘Hurt’ | Song Exploder

Get provoked as musicians delve deep into the imaginative process of songwriting and reveal their intimate thinks in a series based on the knock podcast.

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