alex monopoly Alec Monopoly- from Graffiti Art to Commercial Success

Alec Monopoly is an internationally renowned urban graffiti artist who has worked in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, much of Europe, and throughout Asia. Since the beginning of his occupation, Monopoly has applied the image of the Monopoly man from the Parker Bros board game as his signature reference. His reluctance for vandalism- all Monopoly’s segments have appeared on vacated houses and storehouses- make him an incongruity in the graffiti life. This may explain another important factor in Monopoly’s success: he is the rare graffiti master whose artistry is amply embraced by the commercial world- without reservation.

How much are original paints and magazines by Alec Monopoly worth? View past sale prices, get has been informed of new works for sale and read more about Alec Monopoly.

Commercial Art Partnerships

Alec Monopoly has teamed up with some of the biggest and most prestigious labels in the world. He has commissioned works for Philipp Plein, Covergirl, Vitamin Water, and even the W Hotel. More recently, Paramount Pictures hired Monopoly to design the logo for their new yield imprint, INSURGE. All of these projects have helped widen the scope of Monopoly’s work, applying him unprecedented showing while still allowing him lives in relative obscurity. That anonymity seems to be more than an accomplishment — until very recently almost every picture of the creator has some alteration of him blocking his face, whether with a bandana or a mask. That smorgasbord of fascination, ability, and glamor is what manufactures Alec Monopoly so special — and so alluring to possible collectors.

What kind of art does Alec Monopoly utter?

Primarily a graffiti creator, Alec Monopoly has been extended his oeuvre to include covers, books, handbags, sneakers, watches, and other comfort items. Alec Monopoly’s gallery cases are often mixed media, Pop Art-inspired sarcastic labours that boast cartoon attributes like Mr. Monopoly alongside newspaper clippings and other artistic assessments. Much of his act has a heavy urban aesthetic, often implementing spray paint and other acrylics to create bombastic, fun pieces that still retain their artistic edge.

While there is a high level of tongue-in-cheek satire in his depictions of money, Monopoly’s work is sought after by tons of celebrity fans including Miley Cyrus, Adrian Brody, and Snoop Dogg. He regularly does commissioned succeed, and in 2015 originated a one-of-a-kind purse for Khloe Kardashian. Monopoly controls outside of much of the mainstream artistry nature, he inspires the blur of edges between his incisive self and his real life — often making illustrates with his notoriety supporters and announcing to his social media. He considers it as an extension of his succeed. In 2019 he said, “There is no superficial limit between art, street artistry, galleries, and labels. The macrocosm of artwork has opened up. It admits artists a much more extensive range across many innovative outlets.”

What is the more noticeable Alec Monopoly motifs?

Alec Monopoly is famous for his depiction of wealth and indulgence — specific with popping and parody icons like Scrooge McDuck, Mr. Monopoly, and Richie Rich. These themes are further explored with his social media reports like Instagram, where Monopoly’s embrace of “flex culture” has earned him over hundreds of thousands of admirers. He frequently announces pictures of himself in gold orders and other exposes of wealth.

Mr. Monopoly( Rich Uncle Pennybags ):

Perhaps the most wonderful known of Alec Monopoly’s people( and the one “hes taking” his word from) is the prominent Parker Bros game character. The bits featuring Mr. Monopoly were some of his first to gain widespread acclaim. The creator himself had been told that his beginnings with this character are satirical — he was originally inspired by the stockbroker, Bernie Madoff. In the last ten years, Alec Monopoly has generated a great variety of artwork peculiarity Mr. Monopoly — from decorates to etches to a huge vinyl balloon and helicopter that were part of a viral exhibit in Europe.

Even the lesser-known articles boasting Mr. Monopoly are quite popular. For example, the wreak Shocked( appointment n/ a ), acrylic, and spray paint on canvas, sold at Heritage Auction on November 4h, 2020 for $8,125.


Scrooge McDuck:

Another favourite attribute in Alec Monopoly’s work is Scrooge McDuck, the rich Uncle of Donald Duck stirred famous by Disney caricatures. Scrooge purposes as an avatar in the same way that Mr. Monopoly does — as a action to express showy depictions of money in an over-the-top cartoonish way. These patches have become extremely popular.

duckAlec Monopoly( b. 1986) Scrooge McDuck, c. 2013Acrylic and spray paint on canvas

Richie Rich:

One of Alec Monopoly’s more recent muses is Richie Rich. Adorning everything from chairs to vinyl chassis to covers, the diminutive caricature billionaire has been a source of unending inspiration for the graffiti master.

Make Offer to Owner to Buy Alec Monopoly Artwork

The mixed media painting Richie Rich Room( 2014) below sold for $ 23,750 in 2019. The current owner is entertaining offerings of more than $45,000 for this piece for the purposes of the Heritage Auction Make Offer to Owner program.

Alec Monopoly( b. 1986) Richie Rich Room, 2014 Mixed media on canvas

What each type of Alec Monopoly draws are the most valuable?

Examples of high-priced Alec Monopoly slice are Mr. Monopoly( year N/ A ), Gold Bull( 2015) and Wall street Crucifix( time not rendered ).

All three are acrylic spray paint collages and peculiarity Mr. Monopoly- the artist’s most often featured subject. All were sold by Heritage Auctions greatly over their auction expenditure estimates.

Mr. Monopoly– Sold at auctioneer for $51,250 on July 8th, 2020.

Mr. Monopoly, early 21 st century

Gold Bull– Sold at auctioneer for $50,000 on July 8th, 2020.

Gold Bull, circa 2015

Wall Street Crucifix– Sold at auctioneer for $45,000 on October 7th, 2020.

Wall Street Crucifix , early 21 st century

Alec Monopoly painting vs book qualities

It’s no question that an Alec Monopoly depict is worth much more than a engrave. Monopoly’s decorates are one-of-a-kind segments of art that regularly contact five anatomies, while a periodical of Alec Monopoly can be found online for between fifty and a hundred dollars. These prints are typically not one-of-a-kind, but mass-produced drudgeries designed to be enclose and used as a poster. The assortment for the purposes of an Alec Monopoly make-up is $20,000 to $50,000.

How to get started collecting original Alec Monopoly decorates?

An easy room to get started collecting Alec Monopoly depicts is to look for value in some of his collaborations , non-traditional mediums, or sections that don’t feature his mark references. While these still tend to sell for thousands of dollars, this constitutes an congenial cost quality is comparable to other patches he creates.

Several Alec Monopoly fragments on the lower end are Jack Nicholson in Grun( 2011) which sold for $ 1,679 on June 16 th, 2017. BH Monopi Toy( 2018) which sell off $ 2,625 on July 8th, 2020 at Heritage Auctions. PBH Modernica Chair( 2019) sold for $ 3,250 on November 11 th, 2020. It’s worth noting that all these parts still significantly outperformed their pre-auction high estimate.

What are the highest priced Alec Monopoly draws sold by Heritage Auction?

Heritage Auctions has sold several Alec Monopoly cases with a price range from $2,500 to $50,000. Alec Monopoly’s skill straddles various the issues and attributes, and it’s worth noting that its somewhat accessible for a collector getting started. A quick look at some of the most expensive Alec Monopoly’s items sold by Heritage Auction discloses a wide range of motifs and medium sized, though they do often feature one of the main three characters we’ve previously mentioned.

SOLD FOR: $51,250- Alec Monopoly, Mr. Monopoly( time N/ A) Sell off: $45,000- Alec Monopoly, Wall Street Crucifix( appointment N/ A) Sell off: $36,250- Alec Monopoly, Mr. Monopoly( year N/ A ). SOLD FOR: $32,500- Alec Monopoly, DJ Monopoly( 2011) SOLD FOR: $27,500- Alec Monopoly, Piano Man( Date N/ A) SOLD FOR: $27,500- Alec Monopoly Dollar Richie with Money Bag( 2017)

Alec Monopoly vs Takashi Murakami

Alec Monopoly is on-par with Banksy, Takashi Murakami, and other notorious urban artists. That’s true even though he’s over a decade younger than most of these fixed craftsmen. While his office may not be as universally praised as others, Monopoly has leveraged his prestige to create a large and consistent demand when his slice come up at auction. While he may not have sold fragments in the millions like someone like Takashi Murakami, the lower part of Alec Monopoly’s sales are more robust than Murakami’s.

In a head-to-head matchup, Murakami comes out onward, but Monopoly supports his own. Murakami’s highest-selling piece, Lonesome Cowboy, sold for $ 15.16 million at auction. While both masters are extremely prolific and in demand, we’d give the edge to Murakami right now. That’s with a ponderous caveat — Monopoly is still young and apparently has his best work in front of him. Collectors would be wise to grab now before he blows up even more.

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