Warning! Major SPOILERS for WandaVision below.

The climactic clash in WandaVision‘s series climax participated Agatha Harkness trying to steal Scarlet Witch’s strengths. From the moment she revealed her true-life ego to Wanda at the end of “Breaking the Fourth Wall, ” Agatha supported her preoccupation with attaining what she couldn’t have. So, she learned how to steal it, over hundreds of years of practice and by studying the Darkhold.

WandaVision’s penultimate episode, “Previously On, ” knocked off with Agatha put on trial in the 1600 s by her coven because she was accused of stealing knowledge above her depot. She claimed that the coven’s rules against twilight trickery bent to her superpower, meaning that she had access to a money of acquaintance. The coven’s voodoos began to blast her with their collective vitality. But abruptly, Agatha turned their superpower against them to drain the life-force out of her coven. This ability is called back to in WandaVision’s series finale. When Agatha and Wanda are going toe-to-toe, Agatha assimilates every magical blow Wanda flings at her. The elder hag seems to absorb the supremacy from each punched, taking a little bit of life and magic from Wanda with it.

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It’s not shown how Agatha knew how to suck the life out of another being, but it’s safe to assume that she learned through her thorough study of the Darkhold, which is Marvel’s book of the damned. That likely gave nature to her ability to steal magic from another witch. That changeable part of occult gave love a healthful dosage of what to expect for the MCU’s Phase 4, and how it will be different than anything they’ve previously done.

Agatha Harkness’s powers in WandaVision draw some insight from her comic book storyline. In the comics, Agatha draws her influence from multiple sources. As Looper writes, those beginnings are her own internal source of energy, occult that exists within the Marvel universe, and extra-dimensional energy that exists within various entities and objects in tangential features. But as the explanation of Agatha shown in WandaVision is more villainous than her comic book counterpart, her cleverness were tweaked to have her steal spell from other individuals who she regarded unworthy. As Wanda’s ability to swing chaos sorcery stems from raw geniu rather than years of study, Agatha decided that she wasn’t worthy of those powers.

The tumultuous elements of Wanda and Agatha’s strengths are the perfect introduction for the tonal shifting for Phase 4. The first three phases of the MCU focused on the powers of more standard superheroes like Captain America and Iron Man. With programmes like Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Marvel has confirmed they will begin to explore the multiverse. That introduces the opportunity for Marvel to get a little more experimental with the properties they accommodate. Kicking off Phase 4 with two voodoos have been able to unpredictable and seemingly limitless supremacy implies the previously expected lashes of past Marvel movies have been thrown out the window. “The Series Finale” ended with Wanda magically reverting Agatha back to her Agnes character and capturing her within the confines of Westview. By doing that, WandaVision maintained the door open to bring back Agatha in future installments. That implies she can continue to bring a stage of chaos and unpredictability that will undoubtedly shake up the MCU for the best.

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