Ruffnut Kristen Wiig How to Train Your Dragon movie side by side DreamWorks/ Universal/ Getty Images

The “How to Instruct Your Dragon” movie trilogy suns Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Cate Blanchett, Kristen Wiig, and Kit Harington — really to call a few. Warning: Spoiler ahead for the first two “How to Drill Your Dragon” movies.

The beloved “How to Learn Your Dragon” trilogy comes to an end with the third installment, “The Hidden World, “ arriving in theaters on Friday. Located on a bible series by Cressida Cowell which was adapted by head Dean Deblois, the movies tell the story of a country where dragons and men have learned to live in harmony.

Keep reading for a look at the full assign of enunciate performers who star in “How to Teach Your Dragon: The Hidden World.”

The primary character of the succession is Hiccup, the first Viking in his tribe to realize dragons aren’t the mortal foes of human rights. Universal/ Dreamworks

In the first “How to Teach Your Dragon” movie, Hiccup befriended a dragon he worded Toothless, and eventually indicated his hamlet( Berk) that dragons and people can coexist in peace.

Jay Baruchel hotshots as Hiccup in all three movies. Gary Gershoff/ Getty Images

You likely know Baruchel from comedy movies like “This Is the End” and “Tropic Thunder, ” or the TV streak “Man Seeking Woman.”

The third movie, “The Hidden World, ” boasts flashbacks of Hiccup when he was a small boy. DreamWorks/ Universal

In one of the first official trailers for “The Hidden World, ” we realise Hiccup’s father Stoick telling his son that one day he’ll find the secret place from where all dragons come.

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