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There’s a lot of repugnance on Netflix, and not all of it is good. For some reason, Netflix hasn’t invented a great way to sort through all the content yet. So, if you’re scour around Netflix with decision paralysis, I want to recommend one of my all epoch favorite cruelty movies that isn’t a big blockbuster most people have already seen.

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Creep is a obtained footage film ostensibly following a videographer, Aaron, as he documents a normal epoch in the life of a dying male, Josef. At first Josef seems eccentric but well-intentioned and friendly. But as the day goes on Aaron feels more and more uncomfortable with the job, eventually deciding to quit and leave. The real repugnance happens when Aaron and Josef stop being polite and start getting real…

One of the best available things about Creep is that Creep 2 is also streaming on Netflix, and it’s one of those uncommon sequels that’s every bit as good( if not better) than the original. Here’s the trailer 😛 TAGEND

Creep 2 picks up after the events of Creep with a brand-new videographer providing the context for this to be another noted footage movie. This time protagonist Sara is a struggling YouTuber who agrees to record a daylight in the life of Josef( now identifying himself as “Aaron”) in hopes to finally get some courtesy for her channel. At first, she doesn’t take her subject severely as he invests the day trying to scare her but eventually she very, realizes that she has put herself in a dangerous situation.

Creep 3 has been confirmed.

Creep and Creep 2 are available on Netflix and Amazon.

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