Phil Hellmuth vs. Daniel Negreanu is finally going to happen on PokerGo’s show, High Stakes Feud. Both players want to triumph. Only one can. But one player, at least from a public feeling position, needs this succes more than the other.

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Phil Hellmuth vs. Daniel Negreanu, the join poker has always wanted, is officially on.( Image YouTube)

Following Negreanu’s $1.2 million loss in a 25,000 -hand heads-up challenge to Doug Polk, Hellmuth piled on his pal, claiming “DNegs” dallied poorly. Of direction, Negreanu wasn’t just going to sit back and take it from the self-proclaimed best no-limit hold’em player ever. So, he offered up a heads-up challenge to the” Poker Brat .”

On the Poker Central podcast, No Gamble No Future, the GGPoker ambassador announced the coincide is on. But this one, unlike Polk vs. Negreanu, won’t take place on the internet. Instead, it will be played at the PokerGo Studio in Las Vegas. And, yes, hole posters are likely to be up, so you’ll get to see all the tighten laydowns Hellmuth makes.

The match will air on the establish High Stakes Duel on PokerGo. An official time hasn’t been deep-seated, but they have agreed to play. Hellmuth emulated on the substantiate last year against Antonio Esfandiari. He won all three equals for a $350,000 profit.

This time around, he’ll likely face a tougher opposing. While Negreanu is far from a grizzled veteran in the heads-up streets, he only spent the past three months compete against one of the most wonderful heads-up no-limit hold’em players ever. So, while it cost him $1.2 million to learn a heads-up lesson, it is possible to prove beneficial against Hellmuth.

With that said, prosperity is going to be a significant factor in this pair, much like it was during the Hellmuth/ Esfandiari High Stakes Duel. Unlike Negreanu vs. Polk, which covered 25,000 mitts, High Stakes Duel is a sit n go format, which represents the blinds will increase and merely a duo hundred mitts will be played, if even that.

One Player Can’t Afford to Lose

Negreanu disrespects Hellmuth’s activity often. On the recent No Gamble No Future podcast, he went so far as to say he isn’t even going to prepare for the equal. He claims the only way his resist can beat him is by winning” three or four flings in a row .”

So, does that aim this join is more important to Negreanu? Absolutely not. In actuality, a prevail or a loss does little, if something, for his reputation. Most poker pros don’t consider Hellmuth a top heads-up player, so drumming him in a small sample size game won’t change anyone’s sentiment of the GGPoker ambassador.

Hellmuth, on the other hand, can’t open a loss now, from a reputation perspective. He’s the one who popped off about how poorly Negreanu played against Polk. He’s the one who recently bragged about presumably acquiring 29 of his last-place 30 heads-up pairs. Hellmuth adores to flaunt his NBC National Heads-Up Championship record out there( he won it in 2005 and finished runner-up in 2013) even if they are that tournament, which ended in 2013, proved very little due to the small sample size sit n go format.

Hellmuth enjoys to mention how he won heads-up happens such as that and the” King of the Hill “ on Poker Night in America in 2017( he even trounce Polk !). He delivers these success up when a poker pro questions his heads-up abilities.

Negreanu, nonetheless, even declared on the most recent No Gamble No Future podcast that” I’m not the greatest player in the world .” He acknowledged that this equal won’t prove much in matters of who is the director heads-up player.

” He doesn’t want to play with 500 big blinds, he doesn’t want to play with 300 large-hearted blinds ,” Negreanu said in the interview.” He wants to hold onto those chippings, hold onto those chippings, until we’re both at about 50 -6 0 big blinds or less, and then he feels like he’s got a shot .”

Negreanu, who said he wouldn’t prepare much for the accord because, as he claims, he knows what Hellmuth is going to do, said he might watch bits and pieces of the Esfandiari match” just for s ** t’s and giggles .”

Given the facts of the case that Hellmuth has repeatedly boasted about his heads-up triumphs in small sample size sports, he’ll go some heat if he loses, and deservedly so. Whereas, Negreanu is accepting of the impact of difference in these types of competitions.

Putting aside the format for the Hellmuth vs. Negreanu match, it’s certainly going to be exciting to watch. Two of the more popular and polarizing players in poker history duelling it out for everyone to see, mono e mono, with tens of thousands of dollars at stake. What more could a poker devotee ask for?

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