The Haunted PS1 Demo Disc, an anthology of 17 tournament demos inspired by the era of the original PlayStation, is available to download for free on Windows maneuvers. The tournaments take inspiration from a expansive swath of classic PS1 play styles, and each one gives a distinct take over the much-explored horror genre.

The PS1 enjoyed a strong collection of classic cruelty entitlements, including household names like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, which have gone on to become two of the most popular horror rights in the video game industry. These dealerships, like most of the video game industry, clearly recognize the influence of nostalgia, and Resident Evil in particular had success with a recent remaking of Resident Evil 2, which also realized its first exhaust on the PlayStation. A similar remake of Resident Evil 3 has been announced as well, to be released in April.

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As admired as these remakes are, the updated graphics acquire them nearly unrecognizable from their original PS1 iterations. The makers of the games on the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc have a much different idea for how to channel the nostalgia of the days of the original PlayStation. The Demo Disc is a collection of 17 demos, each abusing a graphical vogue that would look right at home on a PS1 device. Despite the identify, the Demo Disc isn’t a physical disc, and it also does not play on the PS1; it is a piece of software that can be downloaded for free by anybody with a Windows computer. Each tournament is presented by a small, independent developer, in many cases by exclusively one person.

These games vary wildly in ambiance and atmosphere. Neko Yume, for instance, is a surreal atmospheric expedition recreation which positions the participate in a cat-filled dreamscape make heavy-laden insight from the likes of LSD Dream Emulator, while Killer Bees is a dark, gory first-person shooter stylized to look like a found-footage VHS tape. Not every demo presented in the “disc” is particularly substantial, but some do seem to offer something promising. Dread Delusion offers a enticing flavour of an open-world RPG set in a distinct clockwork-powered dark fantasy world. The demo intention before the participate can experience too much of the meat of the game, but the world alone is very enticing. There have been quality short horror recreations in the past, and the good news here is that if a demo leaves a musician unsatisfied there are still sixteen other hand-crafted ordeals to try out.

Some truly amazing know-hows have come out of the indie activity manufacture, and iconic classics like Shovel Knight and Cuphead prove handily that gamers aren’t merely interested in AAA deeds from big name makes. The activities in the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc may not have almost as much clout as entitlements like those, but they do a great job of showcasing the high levels of creativity that can be found in the indie game development scene. Any fan of the horror genre would do well to give the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc a try. Since it’s a free collection, all they have to lose is time.

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