The co-op survival game Grounded‘s Shroom and Doom update was discovered during the E3 2021 Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, showcasing a plethora of brand-new content coming in late June. Set to introduce the game’s first boss and adds-on to its build car-mechanics, the update is part of Obsidian Entertainment’s move away from small-scale, frequent revises to occasional Grounded updates with more element.

Grounded is a big shift in remit for Obsidian, a developer with known for relatively large-scale RPG adventures like Fallout: New Vegas and The Outer Worlds. The competition is heavily inspired by the classic film Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, with players reputations reduce down to a miniscule immensity and forced to build awnings and plane armor and artilleries in order to confront the possibilities prowling in a backyard. Grounded can be knew alone or online with up to three other people.

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Obsidian exhausted Grounded in early access in July 2020, with a full liberation planned for a last-minute appointment. During its preview mood, Obsidian has been provisioning deposits and new content, including Grounded’s Koi pond update and the additive of bees and mosquitoes. The Shroom and Doom update gazes to continue adding fun changes to the game, including defect domesticateds, the ability to sit in chairs, and more.

During the Xbox Games Extended Showcase, play head Adam Brennecke and society administrator Aarik Dorobiala spoke at length about the update. Brennecke interpreted mushrooms will play a key role in house organizations, as players will now be able to harvest sprouts of any size, violating them up into “mushroom stuff” that must be ground up and cooked in an oven to create mushroom bricks. These mushroom bricks can be used to build more fortified arrangements in Grounded, with the potential to build castles and other fortresses.

The Shroom and Doom update will introduce Grounded’s first boss: the Brood Mother, an impose spider players will have to defeat employing their strongest gear and best mutants. Brennecke clarified the Brood Mother was originally included in Grounded at release, but the team felt it didn’t “hit the freedom labels, ” so it was removed and adjusted to present a more memorable challenge.

Brennecke said the team is eager to hear community feedback on the Brood Mother boss, exhorting players to express their sentiments concerning its impediment stage and honors in order to enhance future heads. If Adam Brennecke and the team at Obsidian continue to add meaningful changes to Grounded like those found in the Shroom and Doom update, actors should have a lot to look forward to when video games perfectly releases.

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Grounded’s Shroom and Doom update will be available for Xbox and PC on June 30, 2021.

Source: Obsidian Entertainment via Xbox

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