Owning and experiencing a track-focused sports car like the Porsche 911 GT3 RS isn’t precisely a young man’s game, as this grandmother in Italy proves.

YouTuber MattyB7 27 recently attended a line daylight at the Monza F1 tour and while he was there, came across an older lady who just so happens to own a 991 911 GT3 RS covered in Lizard Green and adorned with a multitude of motorsport-inspired stickers and decals.

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While the GT3 RS is no longer able have the kind of straight-line acceleration to rival more powerful mid-engined supercars on the market, its Nurburgring lap time proves that around a racetrack, it is one of the fastest production autoes ever launched. Undoubtedly, the owner of this example is quite suffered and throughout the clip, can be seen clipping the apexes of the Italian circuit and blaring down the straight at severely superb speeds.

The 991.2 -generation 911 GT3 RS is powered by a 4.0 -liter naturallyaspirated flat-six churning out 512 hp that allows it to reached 62 mph( 100 km/ h) in 3.2 seconds and reach a 193 mph( 312 km/ h) top speed. It too peculiarity a multitude of aerodynamic amends over the’ regular’ GT3 that in early 2018 let Porsche works driver Kevin Estre to lap the Nurburgring in merely 6:56.4, manufacturing the GT3 RS the third Porsche after the 918 Spyder and 911 GT2 RS to sip the famed German circuit In less than 7 minutes.

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