Get ready to be “stoked” Gotham supporters because the Penguin you’ve ever dreamed of is coming your direction!

TV Fanatic sat down with Robin Lord Taylor at the New York Comic Con this past Fall to find out all the scoop on what to expect from our beloved Penguin.

Harmonizing to Taylor, Gotham Season 5 won’t baffle!

He says that what we’ll ascertain before the final curtain is “the closest film version of the classic comic book Penguin…that we’ve seen.”

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There will be no more sensitive Penguin. All of his humanity will be gone.

“He’s a ogre. He’s a supervillain, ” Taylor said.

Taylor likewise spoke about who Penguin has yet to seek out his revenge against.

He didn’t name names but we gamble Tabitha might be on his index.

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Probably Jim, very — even if the promos show them working together again.

Taylor likewise talked about how much he has adoration playing his person, the possibility of a Penguin spinoff, and what he plans to do after the final escapade films!

Check out the video below for all the scoop!

Gotham Season 5 Episode 1 airs on Thursday, January 3 at 8/ 7c on FOX!

Be sure to check back with Tv Fanatic for all our thoughts on the final season of Gotham!

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