Air France is upping its sofa tournament in Paris, and I’m impressed.

New Air France Business Lounge Paris CDG

Air France has today unveiled its brand new lounge in Terminal 2F at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport( CDG ), which is open to short and medium haul fares, as the sofa is in the Schengen area.

The new parlour is unearthed between the two boarding areas in the terminal, and is open daily from 5:30 AM until 10 PM. Access is free for SkyTeam business class passengers and SkyTeam Elite Plus patrons, and access can be purchased for 35 Euros per person for fares traveling in economy, subject to capacity controls.

The brand-new two elevation Air France lounge is a staggering 3,000 square meters( 32,000+ square feet ), and has accommodating for 570 people.

As it’s described, the brand-new parlour is “an invitation to celebrate the best of French-style travel, ” and offers “a real moment suspended in time.” That might reverberate flustering or aspirational, but as I look at the pictures, I get where that’s coming from. The lounge is stunning, and virtually reminds me of the TWA Hotel at JFK.

New Air France Lounge Paris CDG

Air France’s signature colours — blue, grey, and a reminder of red — are highlighted throughout the lounge, along with the Air France brand symbol, which is a winged seahorse.

As some of the features of the parlour are described 😛 TAGEND

There’s a monstrous carve at the entering to the lounge, inspired by the backstages of an aircraft, and it’s intended to symbolize flight, technology, and the avent-gardePast that there’s a runway sentiment from big bowed openings, causing in a northern sun that illuminates the loungeBoth floorings have dining ranges, with catering running throughout the day, arraying from mini sandwiches, to salads, to flapjacks, to cheese, to dessertThere’s a “detox” area, which offers a wide range of herbal teasUpstairs is a relaxation area, peculiarity comfy loungers and recliner seats, together with quashed lightingThere’s a Clarins treatment area, offering 20 -minute beauty or happiness treatmentsThere’s a wellness locality with 10 shower suites

Here are some pictures of the brand-new parlour 😛 TAGEND

New Air France Lounge Paris CDGNew Air France Lounge Paris CDGNew Air France Lounge Paris CDGNew Air France Lounge Paris CDG

Here’s a video of the brand-new parlour, including how it was erected 😛 TAGEND

Air France-KLM’s sofa activity is strong

Air France’s new lounge looks lovely. It goes without saying that this isn’t Air France’s best parlour in Paris — that would be the stunning La Premiere Lounge, which I rate as the best sofa in the world — but this appears excellent for a lounge for short-lived carry passengers.

I can’t speak to the soft product of the lounge, since I haven’t toured it. Nonetheless, the “bones” and pattern of this lounge look incredible. You can’t shaped the huge arched windows, along with the beautiful interior design.

In general I’ve been impressed by the ways in which Air France-KLM has been opening and redesigning sofas. Air France has some not-great older lounges( like the ones in Boston, Chicago, Houston, etc .), but the ones that have been refreshed or recently opened all look great.

Of the “big three” European mega-airlines, I’m most excited by what Air France-KLM is doing with its sofas nowadays. KLM’s flagship lounge in Amsterdam is excellent, and the regional sofas in Amsterdam are solid as well. I’ve have pretty good ordeals with Air France’s other sofas in Paris as well.

KLM’s beautiful parlour in AmsterdamBottom line

Air France passengers traveling in business class on regional flights are in for a plow, thanks to the new Air France Lounge in Terminal 2F at Paris CDG. Physically the sofa looks great, with gargantuan windows, a good deal of gap, two status, and very nice looking interior design. Even beyond that, I’ve perceived gratifying, including both nutrient and drinks, to generally be quite good at Air France lounges.

What do you attain of Air France’s new sofa at CDG?

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