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Google plans to add enough space in New York City to have enough room to more than redouble its workforce there. As part of that stretch exertion, its coming plans to buy or lease a planned 1.3 million square-foot construct at St. John’s Terminal, which is just south of its current base of operations in the city. The company’s New York expansion means follow reports that Amazon is planning to unearth one of its two HQ2 sites in Long Island City in Queens.

Google is planning a major swelling in New York City, supplementing enough space to more than double its current workforce there, according to the Wall street Journal .

The internet search giant is nearing a spate on an office construct at St. John’s Terminal on the west line-up of Manhattan, is planning to expand its opening at Chelsea Market, which is just northward of there, and is planning to develop some infinite at Pier 57, the Journal reported. All told, the moves would lend some 1.85 million square feet of cavity to that controlled by the company in the city, according to the paper. That’s enough area for more than 12,000 workers.See the rest of the floor at Business Insider

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