I knit Em’s Antler Toque in Quince and Co Osprey in’ honey’

This summer I tie four Antler toques, for four members of my favourite people, and we photographed them at one of my highly favourite places.

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We had wasted a long and fortunate epoch hiking on Meares Island, sprinkling in the Pacific Ocean, sitting around the campfire, and gobbling luscious burritos. As the light began to fade and the temperature began to slip at the campsite we leader down to the beach, bundled in woolen rugs and transcended with toques. Everyone was in a glorious depression and the illumination was golden, it was a perfect evening to sit on the driftwood and watch the sunlight disappear.

The pleasure of these simple-minded joins, the heated night flame and the company brought together to figure a gilded minute. Our annual Tofino camping expedition is a family legend stretching style back, and sometimes the Wessel family expeditions from Scotland to connect us on the beautiful beaches of Vancouver Island’s western shore.

The Tin Can Knits family enjoying another golden sunset in Tofino back in 2017

An Antler Cable Obsession

I’ve been preoccupied with the antler cable since I began designing knittings. First came the Antler mittens, then the free Antler toque and the Antler cardigan too. There MIGHT even be a pullover in the works … if you sign up for our emails we will let you know when it’s ready. This is simply my favourite cable pattern, I can’t get enough!

I abused the lovely Quince& Co Osprey for Hunter, Jones, and Emily’s hats( in Aleutian, Fox, and Honey respectively ). The recital is so soft and burly, the cables genuinely sounds. I’m already planning another Antler sweater for myself in this yarn! Jordan’s toque is fastened in Stone Wool Cormo, a yarn I’ve been rather smitten with lately, and have used in the Mountain Mist and Moraine sweaters.

So Many Fab Free Patterns

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