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“Head Full of Honey” suns various Oscar nominee Nick Nolte as Amadeus, a recent widower whose strong personality, charm and sense of humor can no longer mask the life-altering onslaught of Alzheimer’s. Written and be administered by acclaimed German actor and filmmaker Til Schweiger and based on his earlier successful German movie liberation, this distressing generational drama marks Schweiger’s English-language directorial debut.

Unable to live alone, Amadeus reluctantly moves in with his son, Nick( Oscar nominee Matt Dillon) and Nick’s wife, Sarah( Emily Mortimer )– a duet who are dealing with the challenge of their own–and their colors 10 -year-old daughter, Tilda( newcomer Sophia Lane Nolte ), outside of London. There, despite the disruption and chaos that follows when Amadeus becomes part of the already tense household, he and his granddaughter develop a special attachment. Tilda’s patience and tendernes for her grandpa grows his strongest link to living and the person or persons he used to be.

When Amadeus expresses a penetrating said he wished to revisit the places of his fondest remaining reminiscences, Tilda makes a bold decision. Yielding her parents the sink, she accompanies him on an unreliable artery tour to Venice, Italy, that are able to change not only their lives but the whole family.

“Head Full of Honey” too performs Jacqueline Bisset and Greta Scacchi, as well as Eric Roberts, Julian Ovenden, Til Schweiger, Jake Weber, Joplin Sibtain, Claire Forlani, Emily Cox, Costa Ronin, Max Befort, Toni Garrn, Leigh Gill, Anna-Lea Mende, Alistair Brammer, Rossano Rubicondi, Giampiero Judica, Dominic Coleman, Simone Spinazze, Luca Ribezzo, Jo Ashe.

The screenplay was written by Til Schweiger and Lo Malinke and Jojo Moyes, based on the picture “Honig im Kopf, ” written by Hilly Martinek and Til Schweiger and be administered by Schweiger. “Head Full of Honey” was produced by Schweiger and Christian Specht, with Kimberly Hines serving as executive producer.

The imaginative filmmaking team included Rene Richter as director of photography; Isabel von Forster as make designer; Christoph Strothjohan and Til Schweiger as writers; and Metin Misdik as costume designer. The music was composed by Martin Todsharow, and by Diego with Nora& Lionel Baldenweg.

A Warner Bros. Pictures presentation of a Barefoot Films and Warner Bros. Film Production, “Head Full of Honey” opens exclusively in New York and Los Angeles on Friday, November 30, 2018. It is rated PG-1 3.

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