EA’s annual football simulator, FIFA 22 , will once again include the Preview Packs feature in its Ultimate Team mode. The mechanic, which provides musicians a glimpse into a purchasable pack of player placards prior to buying, was introduced in FIFA 21 this past June.

FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode has been around for almost a decade, and experienced dispute following an April leak related to FIFA’s loot box system. The seep, which were reports supposedly for an insider presentation prior to FIFA 21 ‘s launch, uncovered EA’s plans to actively message and incentivize players to spend money in Ultimate Team mode. The attempts appeared to include targeted contents, circulars and rejected bales – all of which would assist explicitly “funnel musicians towards FUT from other modes.” When the Preview Pack feature was introduced for FIFA 21 in June( as an interim piece ), the change indicated EA’s shift away from randomized, gambling-like microtransactions.

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In an extensive launch update on the official EA website, the publisher detailed information on the upcoming boasts for FIFA 22 ‘s Ultimate Team mode, including the return of Preview Packs. The decision behind the inclusion of this mechanic is due to “a positive acknowledgment from fans.” This feature is, however, limited to only one preview every 24 -hour refresh timer. Nonetheless, EA’s launch revise explained that, upon FIFA 22 ‘s release, both Premium Gold and Premium Silver Packs will be available for preview.

According to previous message released by EA, FIFA 22 will include improved gameplay and features, such as its Create A Club mechanic, which stands musicians to build a team alone from scratch. Furthermore, the FIFA 22 ‘s development included HyperMotion Gameplay and machine learning – two forms of technology used to capture players’ moves even more accurately than before. The approaching included mocapping 22 professional football players as they competed at a high intensity in order to best evoke their recitals in-game.

While microtransactions are still an issue in EA names, actors now have a better way to see where their cash or hard-earned FIFA Ultimate Team targets will be going. Moreover, perhaps the Preview Pack feature recognizes the beginning of greater transparency with respect to in-game purchase and other microtransactions. Monetization will likely continue, but having a clearer idea of what a player’s money can get them is a step in the right direction.

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FIFA 22 will be available on October 1, 2021 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/ S, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

Source: EA

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