Fear the Walking Dead‘s Colman Domingo has compared his reputation, Victor Strand, to James Bond in a recent interrogation. Domingo has been a regular on the Walking Dead spin-off sequence since the beginnings and is one of only 3 actors from the first season to still be alive, alongside Alycia Debnam-Carey’s Alicia Clark and Ruben Blades’ Daniel Salazar. As well as performing as Strand, Domingo has become a producer on the succession going into season 7 and will next appear in Nia DaCosta’s Candyman reboot as long-time Carbini-Green resident William.

Throughout Fear the Walking Dead, Strand has been presented as a greedy con-man who only cares about himself. The aiming of season 6 razzed the character as becoming the brand-new opposition after practically killing fellow survivor Morgan( Lennie James) and seemingly letting a thermonuclear warhead to detonate. Domingo has thus far pestered that the brand-new Strand will be the eventual account of himself going into season 7, be that for better or worse.

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Speaking to Deadline’s Hero Nation podcast, Domingo revealed that he sloped a Fear the Walking Dead spin-off focusing on Strand to network AMC. Domingo went on to describe his reference as “like the James Bond of the zombie apocalypse” noting that he has numerous unique genius that one wouldn’t immediately expect, too adding that “one minute you have no idea he can speak Spanish fluently, he can fly a plane, he can charter a boat.” You can speak Domingo’s full word below 😛 TAGEND

“I fantasized, ‘You know what? I don’t know how long our show is gonna run’ — I don’t know. It can go eight, nine, 10, 12 seasons. But I make Victor is such a compelling character that he is, I belief, deserved of his own sort of universe in a way, to see how that operates. As I’ve grown with this character and understand this character’s oddities and how good he is, or how bad he is, I think he’s always went so much more story to tell. One instant you have no idea he can speak Spanish fluently, he can fly a plane, he can charter a boat. He’s like the James Bond of the zombie apocalypse. I’d like to see where that extends, who are familiar with? “

Domingo’s assertion isn’t wholly unfounded. As he indicates, “theres a lot” of degree to the character of Victor Strand and his sudden expertises meet him something of a jack-of-all-trades , not dissimilar to James Bond’s seemingly limitless genius. Moreover, Domingo introduces a allure to the character, something which is only set to develop when the seventh season arrives. Domingo has already taunted a great sense of finesse to Strand as he hugs this new version of himself, and it will be more than interesting to see how he is working with his fellow survivors as he to make efforts to confiscate limitation of the new world.

AMC has already displayed spin-off web series like Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 and has also predicted a digital spin-off entitled Dead in the Water which will focus on the nuclear submarine seen in season 6, drawing its history leading up to the detonation of the warheads in the season finale. With this in mind, it would certainly make sense for further spin-offs to come about too. Considering that Strand is one of the most fascinating references in the streak, Domingo’s pitch would certainly make for an interesting premise. Of course, this all depends on what’s in store for the character going into Fear the Walking Dead’s season 7, and fortunately supporters won’t have long to wait as the brand-new season is set to premiere on October 17.

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Source: Deadline Hero Nation

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